Chapter 91 Array formulas and functions

Questions answered in this chapter:

  • What is an array formula?

  • How do I interpret formulas such as (D2:D7)*(E2:E7) and SUM(D2:D7*E2:E7)?

  • I have a list of names in one column. These names change often. Is there an easy way to transpose the listed names to one row so that changes in the original column of names are reflected in the new row?

  • I have a list of monthly stock returns. Is there a way to determine the number of returns from –30 percent through –20 percent, –10 percent through 0 percent, and so on that will automatically update if I change the original data?

  • Can I write one formula that will sum the second digit of a list of integers?

  • Is there a way to look at two lists of names and determine which ...

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