Chapter 1. Range Names

  • I want to add up sales in Arizona, California, Montana, New York, and New Jersey. Can I use a formula to compute total sales in a form such as AZ+CA+MT+NY+NJ instead of SUM(A21:A25) and still get the right answer?

  • To compute total sales for a year, I often average the 12 monthly sales below the current cell. Can I name my formula annualaverage so that when I enter annualaverage in a cell the appropriate average is computed?

  • How can I easily select a cell range?

  • How can I paste a list of all range names (and the cells they represent) into my spreadsheet?

You have probably received spreadsheets that use formulas such as SUM(A5000:A5049). Then you have to struggle to understand what’s contained in cells A5000:A5049. If cells A5000:A5049 ...

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