Microsoft Excel - Advanced Formulas And Functions

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In this Microsoft Excel Advanced Formulas and Functions training course, expert author Guy Vaccaro takes you beyond the basics of Excel, and teaches you how to use the advanced formulas and functions in this spreadsheet program by Microsoft. This course is designed for users that already have a basic working knowledge of Excel. You will begin by reviewing the basic operations, such as sum and count syntax, function processing order, and knowing the troubleshooting tools. You will explore extended formula usage with 3D referencing, naming cells and absolute referencing. Guy proceeds to instruct you on how to look up and reference type functions using VLookup and HLookup. Other features that are covered in this computer based training include; generating random numbers and values, locating data using text functions, and learning to use an array formula to count unique entries. By the completion of this training course, you will be comfortable with using many of the advanced formulas and functions that this powerful spreadsheet software from Microsoft offers. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

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Table of contents

  1. Welcome
    1. How Advanced Is Advanced? 00:03:24
    2. Using The Working Files 00:01:56
    3. When Is A Formula A Function? 00:03:58
  2. Getting The Basics Right
    1. Sum And Count Syntax 00:06:18
    2. Accessing Unknown Function Syntax Within Excel 00:07:58
    3. Referencing Entire Rows/Columns 00:04:33
    4. Function Processing Order 00:07:48
    5. Convert Formulas To Values In A Split Second 00:04:22
  3. Extend Your Formula Usage
    1. Naming Cells To Improve Formula Appearance 00:06:48
    2. 3D Referencing 00:08:58
    3. Full Absolute Referencing 00:04:37
    4. Making Only Part Absolute Formula 00:06:23
  4. If And If Type Functions
    1. The If Logical Test 00:08:15
    2. Nested If Statements 00:03:57
    3. Using The And, Or, And Not Functions Within If 00:06:58
    4. CountIf, SumIf, And AverageIf 00:10:11
    5. Multiple Criteria With CountIfs, SumIfs, And AverageIfs 00:06:33
  5. Lookup And Reference Type Functions
    1. Looking Up Information With VLookup 00:09:10
    2. HLookup 00:04:12
    3. Nearest Match With VLookup 00:06:30
    4. Nested Lookup Functions 00:04:30
    5. Choose And Match Functions For Locating Data 00:05:11
    6. Index And Match Functions For Retrieving Data 00:08:38
  6. Mathematical Functions
    1. Varying Rounding Functions 00:07:39
    2. MRound, Ceiling, And Floor For Rounding Also 00:05:18
    3. Int And Mod For Integer And Remainder Values 00:04:21
    4. Generating Random Numbers And Values In Excel 00:05:14
    5. Password Generating Workbooks 00:06:02
    6. Display Different Number Types With Roman And Arabic 00:05:17
  7. Statistics
    1. The Middle Value With Median 00:05:07
    2. Ranking Data Without Sorting 00:04:58
    3. Large And Small For Retrieving Biggest And Smallest Values 00:04:39
    4. A Choice Of Count Functions 00:05:39
  8. Text Functions
    1. Extracting Data With Left, Right And Mid 00:05:45
    2. Locating Data With Find, Search, Exact 00:07:19
    3. Use Trim And Clean To Remove Unwanted Gaps 00:05:49
    4. Combine Data From Different Cells 00:06:18
    5. Changing The Case Of Text Using Proper, Upper, And Lower 00:03:17
    6. Replace And Substitute In Action 00:04:55
    7. Format Number Content Within Strings With Text 00:05:53
  9. Date And Time Functions
    1. Using Today And Now Functions< 00:03:34
    2. How Does Excel Deal With Dates And Time 00:05:53
    3. What Day Of The Week Is It? 00:04:14
    4. Difference Between Network Days And Work Day 00:06:59
    5. DatedIf For Time Differences 00:07:12
    6. EDate And EOMonth 00:04:57
    7. DateValue And TimeValue Functions 00:07:43
  10. Information And Referencing Functions
    1. Extracting Information With Cell And Info Functions 00:08:13
    2. Using IsBlank, IsOdd, IsEven, IsText, And IsNumber 00:04:37
    3. IsErr, IsError, IfError, IsNA, And IfNA For Error Checking 00:08:26
    4. The New IsFormula Function And FormulaText 00:03:42
    5. Use Offset To Obtain Data From Related Cells 00:08:42
    6. InDirect And Its Uses 00:07:13
  11. Array Formulas And Functions
    1. What Is An Array Formula? 00:08:27
    2. Use An Array Formula To Count Unique Entries 00:05:18
    3. Flipping Rows Or Columns With Transpose 00:03:56
  12. Conclusion
    1. Advanced Formula Summary 00:02:45
    2. About Guy Vaccaro 00:01:27

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  • Title: Microsoft Excel - Advanced Formulas And Functions
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771371483