EMS basics

Exchange 2013 RTM CU2 includes 965 cmdlets, but you’re not likely to use the vast majority of these simply because many are designed for one-time use. For example, after you configure a receive connector, you probably will not revisit the Set-ReceiveConnector cmdlet very often after the connector is working. However, you’ll use cmdlets such as Get-Mailbox daily. Some examples (in no particular order) of frequently used Exchange cmdlets are the following:

  • Get-ExchangeServer. Return a list of Exchange servers in the organization.

  • Disable-Mailbox. Disable a user’s mailbox.

  • Add-DistributionGroupMember. Add a new member to a distribution group.

  • Set-Mailbox. Set a property of a user’s mailbox.

  • Get-MailboxDatabase. Retrieve properties of a mailbox ...

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