1002 B.12 Active Directory commands
B.12 Active Directory commands
Set-IMAPSettings Change an existing property for the default IMAP4 virtual server
on a Client Access Server
Set-IMAPSettings –Server ExchCAS1 –Banner ‘Welcome to the
Friendly IMAP Service’
Get-POPSettings Retrieve current settings for the POP3 virtual server on a Client
Access Server
Get-POPSettings –Server ExchCAS1
Set-POPSettings Change an existing property for the default POP3 server on a Cli-
ent Access Server
Set-POPSettings –Server ExchCAS1 –Banner ‘POP3 is an outdated
email protocol – you shouldnt use it!’
Set-AdSite Overrides the default routing function for an Active Directory site.
Set-AdSite –HubSiteEnabled:$True –id London
Get-AdSite Returns the properties of an Active Directory site and reveals
whether it is a hub site for Exchange 2007 routing
Get-AdSite –id Dublin | Format-List
Set-AdSiteLink Set a routing cost for an Active Directory site that overrides the nor-
mal site link cost for the purpose of routing calculations
Set-AdSiteLink –id ‘London to Paris
–ExchangeCost 1
Get-AdSiteLink Returns details of the current site link cost and routing cost (if set)
Get-AdSiteLink | Format-List
Get-AdPermission Returns the set of permissions over an object
Get-AdPermission –id ExchMbxSvr1
Add-AdPermission Adds a permission on an object
Add-AdPermission –id ‘Shane Smith
–User Redmond –ExtendedRights Send-As
Remove-AdPermission Removes a permission from an object
Remove-AdPermission –id ‘Shane Smith’ –User Redmond
–ExtendedRights Send-As
New-User Create a new Active Directory account
Get-User Return properties of an Active Directory Account
Get-User id Redmond | Select Name, Department

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