Microsoft Expression Web 2 for Windows: Visual Quickstart Guide

Book description

Microsoft Expression Web offers a powerful array of visual tools for creating great looking sites while fully supporting Web-based standards. Expression Web makes it easy for designers to quickly design cool sites with tools that feel familiar. Thanks to Expression Web's underlying standards, the files can then be passed to developers who can code the site in the development tools they prefer. This back and forth without designers having to touch the code unless they want to makes this a powerful program. In Expression Web 2, Microsoft has added support for PHP backed sites and made it easy to work with PHP. Other new features include: Silverlight support and new editing capabilities for Flash SWF and Windows Media files. In addition Expression Web 2 now provides ASP.NET AJAX server controls that enable users to quickly create web pages that include a rich user experience with responsive and familiar user interface (UI) elements. 

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Special thanks to
  3. Introduction
    1. Standards but Cool Too
    2. Still Using FrontPage?
    3. So What’s New in 2?
    4. Using This Book
  4. 1. Exploring Expression Web
    1. Opening and Closing Expression Web
    2. Using the Main Window
    3. Setting Page Size
    4. Using the Task Panes
    5. Using the Toolbars
    6. Using the Visual Aids
    7. Customizing Code and Design Views
  5. 2. Creating Sites
    1. Creating Template-based Sites
    2. Replacing Content in Template-based Sites
    3. Deleting or Adding Pages to Template Sites
    4. Importing a Web Site
    5. Working with Web Sites
    6. Switching the Web Site View
  6. 3. Working with Pages
    1. Creating Web Pages
    2. Working with Web Pages
    3. Setting Other Page Properties
      1. Page Properties
    4. Previewing Pages in a Browser
  7. 4. Working with Text
    1. Entering and Selecting Text
    2. Pasting Text
    3. Indenting Paragraphs
    4. Aligning Text
    5. Inserting Special HTML Characters
    6. Creating Headings
    7. Creating Lists
    8. Searching Text, Code, or Tags
    9. Using Spell Check, Thesaurus
  8. 5. Working with Images
    1. Adding Images
    2. Aligning Images
    3. Adding Borders, Margins, or Padding
    4. Editing Images
    5. Resizing and Resampling Images
    6. Setting Image Formats
  9. 6. Creating Links
    1. Adding Links
    2. Targeting Links
    3. Adding ScreenTips
    4. Adding Bookmarks (Anchors)
      1. Creating Image Links
    5. Using the Hyperlinks Tools
  10. 7. Creating Styles with CSS
    1. Using the CSS Tools
    2. How the Cascade Works
    3. Creating Font Sets
    4. Creating Tag-based Styles
    5. Creating Class-based Styles
    6. Creating Inline Styles
    7. Copying and Changing Styles
    8. Creating Style Sheets
    9. Solving CSS Problems
  11. 8. Creating Layouts with CSS
    1. Positioning Properties
    2. Using the Float and Clear Tags
      1. Floating Properties
      2. Clearing Properties
    3. Using the Positioning Tools
    4. Using Prebuilt CSS Layouts
    5. Using Contextual Selectors
    6. Creating CSS Layouts from Scratch
  12. 9. Adding Behaviors & Media
    1. Creating Interactive Buttons
    2. Adding Behaviors to Elements
      1. Using Jump Menus
      2. Adding Media
  13. 10. Adding Tables
    1. Creating Tables
    2. Selecting Table Elements
    3. Changing Table Structure
    4. Splitting and Merging Cells
    5. Evening Up Rows and Columns
    6. Formatting Tables and Cells
    7. Adding Excel Spreadsheets
    8. Using Layout Tables
  14. 11. Adding Forms
    1. Creating Forms
    2. Adding Form Fields
    3. Adding a Text Area
    4. Adding Group Boxes
    5. Adding Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
    6. Adding Submit and Reset Buttons
    7. Saving Form Results
      1. FrontPage Extension Options
  15. 12. Publishing the Site
    1. Checking Your Site
    2. Publishing to the Web

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Expression Web 2 for Windows: Visual Quickstart Guide
  • Author(s): Nolan Hester
  • Release date: September 2008
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321604026