Capturing frames 

Armed with FrameGrabber, let's return to our AssistantItemFinderMain class and put it to use. Start by opening up the AssistantItemFinderMain class in Visual Studio and add the variable:

FrameGrabber frameGrabber; 

Next, make the following amendments to the SetHolographicSpace method:

public void SetHolographicSpace(HolographicSpace holographicSpace){// ... InitServices();// ...}async void InitServices(){frameGrabber = await FrameGrabber.CreateAsync(this);}

If you remember, FrameGrabber.CreateAsync is excepting a class conforming to the interface IFrameGrabberDataSource. Make the necessary update (adding the IFrameGrabberDataSource interface to the AssistantItemFinderMain class). Conveniently, our AssistantItemFinderMain ...

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