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Microsoft Mapping: Geospatial Development in Windows 10 with Bing Maps and C#, Second Edition

Book Description

This revised edition of Microsoft Mapping includes the latest details about SQL Server 2014 and the new 3D and Streetside-capable map control for Windows 10 applications. It contains updated chapters on Microsoft Azure and Power Map for Excel plus a new chapter on Bing Maps for Universal Windows. The book tells a story, from beginning to end, of planning and deploying a single geospatial application built using Microsoft technologies from end-to-end.

Readers are expected to have basic familiarity with the fundamentals of developing for Microsoft platforms (some understanding of basic SQL, C#, .NET, and WCF); as readers work through the book they will build on their existing skills so that they will be able to deploy geospatial applications for social networking, data collection, enterprise management, or other purposes.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. About the Authors
  8. About the Technical Reviewer
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Introduction
  11. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft and Mapping
    1. Mapping and Microsoft
      1. Bing Maps for Developers
      2. Microsoft SQL Server for Location Applications
      3. Windows Azure to Host Your Application
      4. Maps without Code: Microsoft Power Map
    2. What You Need to Get Started
    3. A Few Words on Terminology
    4. Introducing the Sample Application
    5. Developing Your Application
    6. Wrapping Up
  12. Chapter 2: Painless Hosting with Azure
    1. Why Microsoft Azure?
      1. Cloud-Computing Services
      2. Microsoft Azure Data Management
    2. Setting Up Microsoft Azure
      1. Getting a Microsoft Azure Account
      2. Getting the Microsoft Azure SDK
    3. Hosting a Bing Map on Azure
      1. Obtaining a Bing Maps Account
      2. Obtaining a Bing Maps Key
      3. Building the Bing Map
      4. Hosting the Bing Map on Microsoft Azure
    4. Wrapping Up
  13. Chapter 3: Geospatial Data with Azure SQL Database
    1. SQL Database Overview
      1. Accessing Data in SQL Database
      2. SQL Database Architecture Overview
      3. SQL Database Provisioning Model
      4. Federations in SQL Database
    2. Geospatial Representation in SQL Database
      1. Spatial Reference Systems Overview
      2. SQL Database Spatial Data Types
    3. Setting Up a SQL Database
    4. Inserting Geospatial Data into a SQL Database
    5. Wrapping Up
  14. Chapter 4: Hosting WCF Services on Microsoft Azure
    1. WCF: A Crash Course
      1. Services
      2. Endpoints
      3. WCF Client
    2. WCF Service for Earthquake Data
      1. Creating the WCF Service
      2. Hosting the WCF Service on Azure
      3. Client Application
    3. Wrapping Up
  15. Chapter 5: Map Visualization with Bing Maps for the Web
    1. Bing Maps Ajax Control Basics
      1. Playing with the Map View
      2. Map Markers
      3. Polygons
    2. Putting It All Together
      1. Create the Model
      2. Loading the Earthquake Data (The Controller)
      3. Displaying the Earthquake Data (The View)
    3. Wrapping Up
  16. Chapter 6: Doing More with Bing Maps
    1. Location
      1. Where Is It?
      2. Where Am I?
    2. Routing
      1. Sample Routing Query Application
      2. Directions Module
    3. Traffic
    4. Theming
    5. Building Your Own Modules
    6. Wrapping Up
  17. Chapter 7: Bing Maps for WPF
    1. Introducing the Bing Maps for WPF Control
      1. Getting the Control
      2. Key Classes and Relationships
    2. Using the Control
      1. Kicking the Tires
      2. Earthquakes Everywhere!
      3. Geocoding with the Bing Maps Geocoder Service
      4. Routing with the Bing Maps Routing Service
    3. Wrapping Up
  18. Chapter 8: Bing Maps for Windows Universal Applications
    1. Introducing Bing Maps for Windows Universal Applications
    2. Seeing the Map Control in Action
      1. Your First Windows Universal Map App
      2. Creating a Custom Map Icon
      3. Switching Map Modes
      4. Showing Streetside Imagery
      5. Extra Credit: Finding Yourself on the Map
    3. Integrating with the Built-In Map Application
    4. Wrapping Up
  19. Chapter 9: Using Bing Maps REST Services
    1. Introducing Bing Maps REST Services
      1. Making the Request
      2. Understanding the Result
    2. The Bing Locations API
    3. The Bing Elevations API
    4. The Bing Routes API
    5. The Bing Traffic API
    6. The Bing Imagery API
    7. Wrapping Up
  20. Chapter 10: Power Map for Excel
    1. Introducing Power Map
    2. Getting Started with Power Map
      1. Navigating around Power Map
      2. Map Options in Power Map
      3. Configuring the Presentation of a Layer
      4. Styling the Power Map Result
    3. Wrapping Up
  21. Index