Microsoft Office 2008 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide

Book description

Microsoft's Office 2008 is packed with new tools that will help users work smarter and more efficiently, such as the new Elements Gallery, Word's publication-layout tools, Excel's ledger sheets (templates for common financial tasks), Entourage's improved Exchange Server support, and My Day for tracking appointments and to-do items. In this latest, updated edition of the bestselling Visual QuickStart Guide for Microsoft Office, veteran author Steve Schwartz guides the user along with clear, concise instructions and loads of visual aids that make learning easy and painless.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Essential Office Techniques

Part 2: Microsoft Word
Chapter 2: Introducing Word 2008
Chapter 3: Document Formatting
Chapter 4: Text Formatting
Chapter 5: Adding Graphics
Chapter 6: Creating Tables
Chapter 7: Working in Other Views
Chapter 8: Other Word Features

Part 3: Microsoft Excel
Chapter 9: Spreadsheet Essentials
Chapter 10: Modifying Worksheets
Chapter 11: Formulas and Functions
Chapter 12: Working with Lists
Chapter 13: Charts and Graphs
Chapter 14: Database Techniques
Chapter 15: Data Analysis
Chapter 16: Sharing Workbooks

Part 4: Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter 17: Creating a Presentation
Chapter 18: Charts and Tables
Chapter 19: The Presentation

Part 5: Microsoft Entourage
Chapter 20: Introducing Entourage
Chapter 21: Email
Chapter 22: Address Book
Chapter 23: Calendar
Chapter 24: Tasks
Chapter 25: Notes
Chapter 26: Newsgroups
Chapter 27: My Day
Chapter 28: Entourage and Exchange Server

Part 6: Integrating Applications
Chapter 29: Combining Office Data
Chapter 30: The Project Center
Chapter 31: Office 2008 and the Internet


Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Special Thanks to
  3. Introduction
    1. The Office 2008 Editions and This Book
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. About Word
    4. About Excel
    5. About PowerPoint
    6. About Entourage
    7. What’s New in Office 2008?
      1. What’s new in all Office programs?
      2. What’s new in Word 2008?
      3. What’s new in PowerPoint 2008?
      4. What’s new in Excel 2008?
      5. What’s new in Entourage 2008?
  4. I. Introduction
    1. 1. Essential Office Techniques
      1. Launching Office Applications
        1. To launch an Office application
        2. To launch an Office application while opening one or more documents
      2. Using the Project Gallery
        1. To use the Project Gallery
      3. Creating a New Document
      4. Templates and Wizards
        1. Creating a document from a template
          1. To create a document from a template
        2. Saving a document as a template
          1. To save a document as a template
        3. Modifying an existing template
          1. To modify a template
        4. Working with wizards
          1. To use a wizard
      5. Opening Existing Documents
        1. To reopen a saved file
      6. Saving Your Work
        1. To save your work
      7. Working with Text
        1. Setting the text insertion mark
          1. To set the insertion mark
        2. Selecting text
          1. To select text using the mouse
          2. To select text using the keyboard
        3. Moving text
          1. To drag and drop text
        4. Replacing text
      8. Working with Pictures and Other Objects
        1. To format an object
      9. Using the Format Painter
        1. To use the Format Painter
      10. Undoing and Redoing Actions
        1. To undo one or more actions
      11. The Elements Gallery
        1. To insert an Elements Gallery item
      12. The Toolbox
        1. To open or close the Toolbox
        2. The Scrapbook
          1. To add an item to the Scrapbook
          2. To insert a clip into a document
          3. To organize your Scrapbook clips
        3. Compatibility Report
          1. To create a compatibility report
      13. Working in Other Languages
        1. To set OS X’s foreign language support
        2. To mark text as a different language
      14. Flagging Files for Followup
        1. To flag a document for followup
      15. Customizing and Setting Preferences
        1. To change Preferences for a program
        2. To customize Word, Excel, or PowerPoint toolbars or menus
      16. Managing Windows
        1. To manage document windows
      17. Getting Help
        1. To use application Help
        2. To display a ScreenTip or ToolTip
  5. II. Microsoft Word
    1. 2. Introducing Word 2008
      1. The Word Interface
        1. Changing views
          1. To change views
        2. Changing the magnification
        3. Showing/hiding toolbars
        4. Using the navigation pane
          1. To use the navigation pane
      2. Entering Text
        1. Click and type
          1. To enable and use click and type
        2. Showing/hiding nonprinting characters
          1. To show/hide nonprinting characters
      3. Editing: Beyond the Basics
        1. Finding and replacing text
          1. To find text
          2. To replace text
        2. Automatically entering text
          1. To create an AutoText entry
          2. To insert an AutoText entry
        3. Working with smart buttons
          1. To use an AutoCorrect Options button
          2. To use a Paste Options button
      4. Proofing Your Work
        1. Improving your writing
          1. To check spelling and grammar
          2. To replace a word with a synonym
          3. To look up a word’s definition
        2. Calculating a word count
          1. To calculate the word count
      5. Tracking Changes
        1. To track changes to a document
      6. Printing Word Documents
        1. To print a Word document
    2. 3. Document Formatting
      1. Paper Size and Orientation
        1. To change paper size or orientation
      2. Margins
        1. To change the margins
      3. Headers and Footers
        1. To insert headers and footers
      4. Page Numbers
        1. To number a document’s pages
      5. Inserting Page Breaks
        1. To insert a page break
      6. Creating Multiple Sections
        1. To create multiple sections
      7. Multiple Columns
        1. To set up multiple columns
    3. 4. Text Formatting
      1. Character Formatting
        1. To apply character formatting
      2. Paragraph Formatting
        1. Setting paragraph alignment
          1. To set alignment for a paragraph
        2. Indenting paragraphs
          1. To indent paragraphs using the Formatting Palette
          2. To indent paragraphs using the Paragraph dialog box
          3. To indent paragraphs using the ruler
        3. Setting line spacing
          1. To set line spacing for a paragraph
        4. Setting tab stops
          1. To set tabs
        5. Bulleted and numbered lists
          1. To create bulleted or numbered lists
        6. Applying borders and shading
          1. To apply a border or shading
      3. Using Word Styles
        1. To apply a style
        2. Creating a paragraph style
          1. To create a paragraph style by example using the Formatting toolbar
          2. To create a paragraph style by example using the Style dialog box
          3. To modify a paragraph style by example
        3. Creating a character style
          1. To create a character style by example
        4. Deleting styles
          1. To delete a style
        5. Importing styles
          1. To import styles
    4. 5. Adding Graphics
      1. Inserting Clip Art and Other Images
        1. To insert clip art into a document
        2. To insert a picture from disk
        3. To insert a picture from iPhoto
      2. Image Editing
        1. To edit a picture
      3. Drawing Lines and Shapes
        1. To draw lines
        2. To draw a shape
      4. Shape and Line Editing
        1. To resize a line or shape
        2. To change a line’s color
        3. To change a shape’s color
        4. To apply a shadow or 3-D effect to a shape
      5. Creating Artistic Text
        1. To insert WordArt
        2. To modify WordArt
      6. Creating Text Boxes
        1. To create a text box
      7. Setting Text Wrap
        1. To set wrapping style for an object
    5. 6. Creating Tables
      1. Inserting a Quick Table
        1. To add a Quick Table to a document
      2. Creating a Simple Table
        1. To create a simple table
      3. Creating a Table from Scratch
        1. To create a table from scratch
      4. Editing the Table Structure
        1. To edit the table structure
      5. Entering Data
        1. To enter data into a table
      6. Aligning Table Data
        1. To change the alignment or orientation of cell data
      7. Working with Numeric Data
        1. To total a row or column
      8. Deleting Cells
        1. To delete table cells
      9. Merging and Splitting Cells
        1. To merge cells
        2. To split a cell
      10. Adding Rows and Columns
        1. To insert a new row
        2. To insert a new column
        3. To insert new cells
      11. Nesting Tables
        1. To insert a nested table
      12. Borders and Cell Shading
        1. To set borders and shading manually
      13. Converting Text to a Table
        1. To convert text to a table
    6. 7. Outlines, Notebooks, and Publications
      1. Outline View
        1. Creating an outline
          1. To create an outline
        2. Working with outlines
          1. To change a selected item’s level
          2. To move an item and its subordinates
          3. To change your view of the outline
      2. Notebook Layout View
        1. To create a new notebook
        2. Identification and customization
          1. To add a title
          2. To change the section tabs
          3. To change a notebook’s appearance
        3. Entering notes
        4. Setting levels
        5. Reorganizing notes
          1. To rearrange notes in a section
        6. Searching notes for text matches
        7. Adding images, movies, or music
        8. Making freehand drawings
        9. Recording audio
          1. To record an audio note
      3. Publishing Layout View
        1. Starting a publication
          1. To create a new blank publication
          2. To create a publication from a template
        2. Master and content pages
          1. To view or edit a master page
        3. To insert a new content page
        4. To insert a new master page
        5. To delete a content page
        6. Working with guides
          1. To enable or disable a guide type
          2. To place static guides
        7. Creating text boxes
          1. To create a text box
        8. Linking text boxes
          1. To link text boxes
        9. Additional Publishing Layout tips
    7. 8. Other Word Features
      1. Using the Contact Toolbar
        1. To use the Contact toolbar
      2. Adding a Cover Page
        1. To insert a cover page
      3. Creating Labels
        1. To create labels
      4. Printing Envelopes
        1. To create an envelope from a template
        2. To create an envelope using the Envelope wizard
      5. The Mail Merge Manager
        1. To generate a merge
      6. Documenting Documents
        1. To AutoSummarize a document
        2. To set or view document properties
  6. III. Microsoft Excel
    1. 9. Spreadsheet Essentials
      1. Creating a New Workbook
        1. To create a new, blank workbook
        2. To create a workbook from a Project Gallery template
        3. To add a ledger sheet to the current workbook
      2. The Excel Interface
      3. Worksheet Navigation
        1. To move to a cell
      4. Entering Data into Cells
        1. To enter data into a cell
      5. Filling Cells with a Series
        1. To AutoFill a range of cells
      6. Editing Cell Data
        1. To edit a cell’s contents
      7. Finding and Replacing Data
        1. To perform a Find/Replace
      8. Adding Cell Comments
        1. To create and manage comments
      9. Naming Cell Ranges
        1. To name a cell range
      10. Importing Data from a Text File
        1. To import data from a text file
      11. Working with Workbooks
        1. Naming sheets
          1. To name or rename a sheet
        2. Switching and rearranging sheets
          1. To change the active sheet
          2. To rearrange sheets
        3. Adding and deleting sheets
          1. To add a sheet
          2. To delete a sheet
        4. Viewing multiple sheets
          1. To view multiple sheets simultaneously
        5. Referring to data on other sheets
          1. To reference another sheet
        6. Consolidating worksheets
          1. To manually consolidate (by position)
          2. To create a consolidation formula using the Consolidate dialog box
      12. Printing Worksheets and Workbooks
        1. To view or set Page Setup options
        2. To print a selected range, worksheet, or workbook
    2. 10. Modifying Worksheets
      1. Setting Column and Row Sizes
        1. To manually adjust a column’s width
        2. To manually adjust a row’s height
      2. Reorganizing a Worksheet
        1. Inserting and deleting columns and rows
          1. To insert new rows or columns
          2. To delete rows or columns
        2. Inserting and deleting cells
          1. To insert blank cells
          2. To delete selected cells
        3. Copying and moving data
          1. To move or copy a cell range
      3. Working with Large Sheets
        1. To freeze column and/or row headings
        2. To automatically split a worksheet into four panes
        3. To manually split a worksheet into multiple panes
      4. Worksheet Formatting
        1. Automatic range formatting
          1. To AutoFormat a range of cells
        2. Conditional formatting
          1. To apply conditional formatting to cells
        3. Formatting text
          1. To format text
          2. To center text across a group of cells
        4. Formatting numbers, dates, and times
          1. To format numbers, dates, or times
        5. Cell borders and shading
          1. To apply a border to a cell or range
          2. To apply shading to a cell or range
        6. Using styles
          1. To apply an existing style
          2. To create a new style
      5. Shapes and Pictures
        1. AutoShapes
          1. To add an AutoShape to a worksheet
        2. Clip art and photos
          1. To insert a clip art image from the Microsoft Clip Gallery
          2. To insert a clip art image from the Object Gallery
          3. To insert a photo from your iPhoto library
          4. To insert other photos and pictures
      6. Inserting Other Items
        1. Special characters
          1. To insert a special character
    3. 11. Formulas and Functions
      1. Formula Basics
        1. To create a simple formula
      2. About Precedence
      3. Using Functions
        1. Totaling a column with SUM
          1. To total a column using Sum
        2. Using AutoSum
          1. To perform a column or row calculation using AutoSum
        3. Nonadjacent references as function arguments
          1. To include nonadjacent references as arguments to a function
      4. Formula Builder
        1. To create a formula using Formula Builder
      5. The Calculator
        1. To create or edit a formula using the Calculator
      6. Copying a Formula to Adjacent Cells
        1. To copy a formula to adjacent cells
      7. Conditional Sums
        1. To insert a conditional sum
      8. Correcting Formula Errors
        1. To audit a worksheet
        2. To identify invalid data
        3. To perform an error check
    4. 12. Working with Lists
      1. Creating a List
        1. To create a list
      2. Entering and Editing Data
        1. To edit list data
      3. Formatting a List
        1. To format an entire list
      4. Filtering a List
        1. To apply an AutoFilter to a list
      5. Sorting a List
        1. To perform a simple sort
        2. To perform a complex sort
      6. Calculated Columns
        1. To create a calculated column
      7. Adding a Total Row
        1. To add a total row to a list
      8. Data Validation
        1. To set validation options
    5. 13. Charts and Graphs
      1. Creating Charts
        1. To create a default column chart
        2. To create a chart using the Elements Gallery
      2. Modifying Charts
        1. To modify a chart element
        2. To change the chart type or style
        3. To change the data series for a chart on the same sheet as its data
        4. To change the data series for a Chart Sheet chart
        5. To format all or a selected data series
        6. To format the chart area (background)
        7. To add or remove other chart elements
      3. Adding Trendlines
        1. To display a trendline for a data series
    6. 14. Database Techniques
      1. Creating a Database
        1. To manually create a database
      2. Using a Form for Data Entry
        1. To use a form for data entry
      3. Database Operations
        1. To sort a database on a single field
        2. To sort a database on one or more fields
        3. To filter a database
        4. To display subtotals or other grouping statistics
      4. Working with External Databases
        1. Importing from FileMaker Pro
          1. To import a FileMaker Pro database
        2. Importing data from the Web
          1. To retrieve Web data using a query
    7. 15. Data Analysis
      1. Working with PivotTables
        1. To create a PivotTable
        2. To customize a PivotTable
      2. Goal Seeking
        1. To use goal seeking
      3. What-If Analyses
        1. To create a one-variable data table
        2. To create a two-variable data table
        3. To create scenarios
        4. To view scenarios
    8. 16. Sharing Workbooks
      1. Publishing Excel Data on the Web
        1. To preview a file’s Web appearance
        2. To save a file as a Web page
      2. Sharing Workbooks on a Network
        1. To enable sharing for a workbook
      3. Tracking Changes
        1. To enable change highlighting
        2. To review changes
      4. Protecting Your Data
        1. To protect a workbook or worksheet
      5. Removing Personal Information
        1. To remove identifying information
  7. IV. Microsoft PowerPoint
    1. 17. Creating a Presentation
      1. Starting a Presentation
        1. To create a new presentation
      2. About Views
        1. To switch views
      3. Adding and Deleting Slides
        1. To add a slide
        2. To delete a slide
      4. Adding Text to Slides
        1. To create a new text slide
      5. Working with Text Boxes
        1. To select a text box
        2. To move or resize a text box
      6. Adding Images to Slides
        1. To add clip art to a slide
      7. Adding SmartArt Graphics
        1. To insert a Smart art graphic
      8. Working with Placeholders
      9. Slide Backgrounds
        1. Creating a picture background
          1. To add an image to a slide master
          2. To use a picture as the background
        2. Applying a background color, gradient, or texture
          1. To set a background color, gradient, or texture
      10. Changing Theme Colors
        1. To specify a new color scheme (theme colors)
      11. Saving and Reusing a Custom Design
        1. To save a presentation as a template or theme
      12. Saving Presentations
        1. To save a presentation
    2. 18. Charts and Tables
      1. Creating a Chart
        1. To add a chart to a slide
      2. Chart Appearance Options
        1. Legends
          1. To show or hide the legend
        2. Gridlines
          1. To show or hide gridlines
        3. Data point labels
          1. To label every data point
          2. To label a single data series
        4. Chart data
          1. To display the chart data
        5. Chart titles
          1. To add a chart title
      3. Formatting Chart Elements
        1. To format a chart element
      4. Exploding a Pie Chart
        1. To explode or cut a normal pie chart
      5. Creating Stock Charts
        1. To create a stock chart
        2. Gathering stock data
          1. To download stock data from Yahoo!
      6. Organization Charts
        1. To add an org chart to a slide
        2. Entering people
          1. To add people
        3. Adding subordinates
          1. To add a subordinate
        4. Adding assistants
          1. To add an assistant
        5. Formatting an org chart
          1. To format boxes
          2. To format selected text
          3. To format connecting lines
        6. More org chart tips
      7. Adding a Table to a Slide
        1. To add a table to a new slide
    3. 19. The Presentation
      1. Using the Slide Sorter
        1. To switch to Slide Sorter View
        2. To reorder slides
        3. To delete or duplicate slides
        4. To apply a new theme to selected slides
      2. Adding Transition Effects
      3. Animation Within Slides
        1. To add animation to a slide
      4. Adding Sound and Movies
        1. To insert a sound file
        2. To play audio/music from a CD
        3. To record audio
        4. To insert a movie
      5. Creating Handouts and Speaker Notes
        1. To create handouts
        2. To create speaker notes
      6. Rehearsing a Presentation
        1. To rehearse a presentation
      7. Running a Slide Show
        1. To set options for a slide show
        2. To view a slide show
      8. Using the Presenter Tools
        1. To use the presenter tools
      9. Publishing a Presentation on the Web
        1. To create a presentation for the Web
      10. Saving a Presentation as a Movie
        1. To save a presentation as a PowerPoint movie
      11. Saving a Presentation to iPhoto
        1. To save a presentation to iPhoto
  8. V. Microsoft Entourage
    1. 20. Introducing Entourage
      1. The Entourage Interface
      2. Navigating Entourage
        1. To switch to a different view
      3. Entourage and the Toolbox
        1. To open the Toolbox
      4. Filtering and Searching
        1. Filtering a list
          1. To filter a list
        2. Performing a Find
          1. To perform a Find
        3. Performing an Advanced Search
          1. To perform an Advanced Search
        4. Searching within an item
          1. To search within an item
        5. Performing a Spotlight search
          1. To view or set Spotlight preferences
          2. To perform a Spotlight search
      5. Synchronizing Entourage with an iPod
        1. To enable Sync Services for Entourage
        2. To synchronize Entourage data with an iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone
      6. Customizing Toolbars
        1. To customize a toolbar
    2. 21. Email
      1. Setting Up an Account
        1. To set up an account
      2. Creating and Sending Mail
        1. To send email
      3. Sending Attachments
        1. To attach a file to a message
      4. Incoming Email
        1. To check for new email manually
        2. To check for new mail on a repeating schedule
        3. To read a message
        4. To manage received attachments
      5. Replying to Email
        1. To reply to a message
      6. Forwarding and Redirecting
        1. To forward email
        2. To redirect email
      7. Checking Spelling
        1. To fix an “as you type” spelling error
        2. To perform a routine spelling check
      8. Organizing the Mail
        1. To move mail to another folder
        2. To assign categories to messages
        3. To edit the category list
        4. To sort the messages in a folder
        5. To delete unwanted messages
        6. To create rules for processing email
      9. Managing Mailing Lists
        1. To manage a mailing list subscription
      10. Handling Junk Mail
        1. To filter out suspected junk mail
      11. Email Security
        1. To enable encryption and/or a digital signature for an email account
      12. Backing Up Email
        1. To back up a message folder
        2. To import an MBOX message folder
      13. Printing Messages
        1. To print a message
    3. 22. Address Book
      1. Adding Contacts
        1. Importing an address book
          1. To import an existing address book
        2. Creating contact records from email messages
          1. To create a contact record from a received message
        3. Manually creating new records
          1. To create a new contact record
      2. Deleting Contacts
        1. To delete contacts
      3. Editing Contact Records
        1. To edit contact information
      4. Electronic Business Cards (vCards)
        1. To add a received vCard to the Address Book
        2. To email a vCard
      5. Addressing Email from the Address Book
        1. To address email from the Address Book
      6. Creating Contact Groups
        1. To create a contact group
      7. Printing the Address Book
        1. To print contact records
    4. 23. Calendar
      1. Viewing the Calendar
        1. To change the calendar view
        2. To view a specific date
      2. Adding Events
        1. To create a standard Calendar event
        2. To create a Calendar event from an Entourage item
        3. To create a Calendar event from a date on a contact record
      3. Modifying Events
        1. To edit an event
      4. Deleting Events
        1. To delete a Calendar event
      5. Responding to Reminders
        1. To respond to a reminder
      6. Sending and Responding to Invitations
        1. To invite others to an event
      7. Adding and Removing Holidays
        1. To add holidays to the Calendar
        2. To remove holidays from the Calendar
      8. Printing a Calendar
        1. To print a calendar
    5. 24. Tasks
      1. Creating Tasks
        1. To create a new task
        2. To create a new task as a link to another Entourage item
      2. Creating To Do List Items
        1. To create a to do list item
      3. Viewing the Tasks and To Do Lists
        1. To view the Tasks or To Do List
      4. Editing Tasks/To Do Items
        1. To edit a task or to do item
        2. To change an item’s attributes
      5. Deleting Tasks/To Do Items
        1. To delete a task or to do item
      6. Managing Reminders
        1. To respond to a reminder
      7. Printing Tasks/To Do Items
        1. To print tasks
    6. 25. Notes
      1. Creating and Deleting Notes
        1. To create a new note
        2. To delete a note
      2. Reading Notes
        1. To view notes
      3. Editing Notes
        1. To edit a note
        2. To change a note’s title
      4. Printing Notes
        1. To print notes
    7. 26. Newsgroups
      1. Creating a News Server Account
        1. To create a news server account
      2. Managing Newsgroup Lists
        1. To view the newsgroups on a server
        2. Updating the newsgroup list
          1. To update the list of newsgroups on a given server
        3. Filtering the newsgroup list
          1. To filter the list of newsgroup names
      3. Subscribing to Newsgroups
        1. To subscribe to a newsgroup
        2. To view only subscribed-to newsgroups
        3. To unsubscribe from a newsgroup
      4. Managing Newsgroup Messages
        1. To manage the current list of posts in a newsgroup
      5. Reading Messages
        1. To read a message
      6. Posting to Newsgroups
        1. To reply to a message
        2. To post a new message to a newsgroup
      7. Downloading Files from Newsgroups
        1. To download a file from a newsgroup
    8. 27. My Day
      1. Launching My Day
        1. To launch My Day manually
        2. To launch My Day automatically
      2. Changing the Display
        1. To change how My Day is displayed
      3. The My Day Interface
    9. 28. Microsoft Exchange Accounts
      1. Exchange Email
        1. Setting up an Exchange account
          1. To set up an Exchange account
        2. Sending and receiving mail
        3. Out of Office autoreplies
          1. To enable an out of office autoreply
      2. Exchange Calendars and Address Books
        1. To use an Exchange Calendar folder
          1. To create a new Exchange Calendar or Address Book
      3. Sharing Exchange Folders
        1. Shared folders
          1. To share a folder
        2. Public folders
          1. To use a public folder
          2. To subscribe to a public folder
        3. Delegates
          1. To designate a delegate
  9. VI. Integrating Applications
    1. 29. Combining Office Data
      1. Copying, Linking, and Embedding
        1. Using copy and paste
          1. To copy and paste between documents
        2. Using drag and drop
          1. To drag and drop an object
        3. Embedding objects
          1. To embed an existing object
          2. To create an embedded object
          3. To edit an embedded object
        4. Linking objects
          1. To link an object
          2. To manually update a link
      2. Word Table into Excel
        1. To copy a Word table into Excel
      3. Sharing Outlines: Word and PowerPoint
        1. To use a Word outline file in a PowerPoint presentation
        2. To copy a PowerPoint presentation outline into a Word document
      4. Word Text into Excel or PowerPoint
        1. To copy text from Word
      5. Entourage Linking
        1. To link an Entourage contact to an Office document
    2. 30. The Project Center
      1. Creating a Project
        1. To create a new project
      2. The Project Center
        1. To view a project
      3. Adding and Removing Project Contacts
        1. To add contacts to a project
        2. To remove a contact from a project
      4. Adding Email Messages
        1. To add an email message to a project
      5. Adding Notes, Tasks, and Events
        1. To add an Entourage note, task, or event to a project
      6. Adding Documents
        1. To add a document to a project
      7. Adding Clippings
        1. To add a clipping to a project
      8. Sharing a Project
        1. To share a project
      9. Archiving a Project
        1. To back up or archive a project
    3. 31. Office 2008 and the Internet
      1. Working with Hyperlinks
        1. To create a Web page hyperlink in a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document
        2. To create a document hyperlink in a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document
        3. To create an email hyperlink in a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document
        4. To add a hyperlink to an Entourage email message
        5. To modify a hyperlink in a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document
        6. To remove a hyperlink
      2. Emailing Office Documents
        1. To email an Office document
      3. Other Internet Capabilities

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Office 2008 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2008
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321572936