Chapter 10. Collaborating on Documents


  • Inserting comments

  • Tracking revisions

  • Reviewing changes

  • Merging multiple documents

  • Comparing documents

Mom always said it was important to share. I'm not sure she meant Word documents, but if she did, Word has some spiffy features to help you share documents and gather everyone's input. Word's collaboration tools can help you collect input from colleagues and merge it all to create one final document. Many job situations require various types of input from a circle of people, each adding their own comments, revisions, and markups to a document. Word's collaboration tools allow you to track all the revisions, whether it's from one person or a whole team of people.

In this chapter, you learn how to use the tracking and revision features to electronically edit a document. You also learn how to add comments to text without changing the original text itself. Then you learn how to use reviewing tools to create a polished, finished document that meets with everyone's approval. If you shared the multiple documents for tracking, you learn how to merge them to make a single document again. If you shared a document with someone who did not use tracked changes, you can still find out what revisions were. This chapter shows you how.

Adding Comments

First up in the world of collaboration is the topic of comments. What are they, and what can we comment about them? Comments can be used on their own or with the tracking and reviewing tools. A comment ...

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