Chapter 11. Proofing and Printing Documents


  • Checking grammar and spelling

  • Assessing compatibility

  • Generating mass mailings

  • Printing documents and envelopes

While news stories tout the "paperless office," that concept is still more wishful thinking than reality. Most documents created in Word eventually wind up in print form. Before your work is ready for prime time, however, it may require some last-minute touchups. Documents with typos and grammatical errors leave readers with the wrong impression about the capability of the writer. Some documents have specific word or line restrictions, such as magazine and newspaper articles.

One of the advances in our society is the ability to reach masses of people with a single message. This is true in the print world as well as online. Word allows you to type a single document and automatically personalize it for a mass mailing list that gets mailed to hundreds of people.

This chapter is about all those odds and ends you should take care of before hitting the Print button as well as tools that help you make the most of that command.

Proofreading a Document

Into every typist's life occasional misspellings must come. Grammatical awkwardness is equally forthcoming, as in the previous sentence. Fortunately, you can correct these problems in Word to avoid embarrassing mistakes on your corporate memo, promotional flyer, or 400-page manuscript.

Chapter 6 explained how to use AutoCorrect. When this feature is enabled, Word catches the most ...

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