Chapter 4. Making a Document

Regardless of your background with prior generations of Microsoft Word, this chapter will help you get started quickly. If you're new to Word, this chapter escorts you through the basics, so you're ready to begin your journey toward becoming an expert. If you've been using Word for years, there are many new wrinkles in Word 2010 that I'll point out along the way. This chapter explores navigation nuances, view variations, and saving options. You'll also learn some navigation tricks and take a tour of Word's views.

Creating a Blank File

When you start the Office 2010 Word application using the Start menu, it creates a new, blank document file by default for you. This document file has the placeholder name Document1 until you save it to assign a more specific name, as described later in the chapter. You can immediately start entering content into this blank document.

If you need another blank document, you can create it at any time by following these steps:

  1. Select File

    Creating a Blank File
    New. The New Document dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Blank Document icon if it isn't selected by default.

  3. Click Create. The new, blank document appears.

Typing Text

When you create a new, blank document, you can begin typing text to fill ...

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