Chapter 28. Processing and Securing E-mail

Junk e-mail, often called spam, is a problem for most e-mail users. It can range from a minor annoyance for a home user to a major problem for a large organization, clogging mail servers and reducing the efficiency of employees. Fortunately, Outlook provides you with tools that greatly reduce the spam problem. You also can use message rules to process incoming e-mail, cutting down on the amount of time you spend moving messages around or deleting them. Computer security has unfortunately become a very important topic. With the almost universal use xof the Internet and e-mail, it's easier than ever for various kinds of malicious software such as viruses to spread. Security issues also include message privacy and verification of people's identities. Because e-mail is the favored means of spreading such malware, Outlook users have to be particularly vigilant. This chapter explains the various tools that Outlook provides to make you more efficient in dealing with spam and managing messages, and to enhance your security.

Understanding Junk E-mail Filtering

Junk e-mail ...

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