Chapter 30. Working with Appointments and Tasks

A calendar is something you usually hang on the wall. It has a page for each month and a picture of a puppy, lighthouse, or famous painting. If that's what you think, then you haven't used the Outlook Calendar! Outlook provides a sophisticated calendar that helps you manage your time efficiently. In today's busy world, few of us have any shortage of things to do. A list of tasks always seems to be waiting for our attention, particularly in a high-pressure business or professional environment. This chapter covers the Outlook Calendar and Task (To-Do list) features, which can help you stay on time and on track with whatever you do.

Understanding the Outlook Calendar

At its heart, the Outlook Calendar stores and displays appointments. An appointment is just what it sounds like—a scheduled event with a title and a time and date specified for the beginning and end of the event. Outlook distinguishes between two types of appointments:

  • A regular appointment has a specific start time and stop time. It is usually on the same day but does not have to be.

  • An all-day event does not have specific start and stop times but ...

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