Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Video QuickStart

Video description

Visual QuickStart Guides are now even more visual: Building on the success of the top-selling Visual QuickStart Guide books, Peachpit now offers Video QuickStarts. As a companion to Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Peachpit offers more than an hour of short, task-based videos that will help you master Office 2011 for Mac top features and techniques; instead of just reading about how to use a tool, you can watch it in action. It’s a great way to learn all the basics and some of the newer or more complex features of the program. This Video QuickStart guides you through the basics and new features of Word 2011 and Excel 2011. Veteran best-selling author and presenter Steve Schwartz provides in-depth instructions on many of the new features and changes introduced in Office 2011. Coverage of each application is jam-packed with information and tips that not only explain HOW to perform a task, but WHY you need this procedure and WHEN it's best to use it.

Table of contents

  1. Launching Office Applications, Using Galleries 00:05:55
  2. Opening Saved Documents, Saving Your Work 00:04:11
  3. Issuing Commands 00:03:56
  4. Undoing and Redoing Commands, Setting Magnification 00:03:23
  5. Managing Windows, Customizing Office, Getting Help, Quitting an Office Application 00:05:06
  6. Adding Images and Objects, Inserting Photos and Pictures, Resizing, Moving, and Rotating Objects, Setting Text Wrap 00:04:18
  7. Image Editing, Adjusting Brightness, Contrast or Sharpness, To Crop a Photo Manually, To Add a Border or Frame to a Photo, To Re 00:05:03
  8. The Word Interface, To Change Views, To Find Text Using the Search Box, Proofing Your Work 00:04:59
  9. Paper Size and Orientation, Margins 00:03:10
  10. Headers and Footers, Page Numbers, Inserting Page Breaks 00:04:58
  11. Character Formatting, Paragraph Formatting 00:08:04
  12. Creating a Basic Table, Entering Data 00:03:53
  13. Aligning Table Data, Working with Numeric Data, Adding Rows and Columns, Borders and Cell Shading 00:03:43
  14. Outline View 00:01:57
  15. Full Screen View 00:05:11
  16. The Excel Interface, Worksheet Navigation 00:04:48
  17. Entering Data, Editing Cell Data 00:03:21
  18. Working with Workbooks 00:04:24
  19. Setting Column and Row Sizes, Reorganizing a Worksheet 00:06:05
  20. Worksheet Formatting, Working with Large Sheets 00:05:01
  21. Formula Basics, To Create a Simple Formula 00:04:02
  22. Using Functions, Copying a Formula to Adjacent Cells 00:05:09
  23. About Tables, Creating a Table, Entering and Editing Data, Changing a Table's Size, Calculated Columns 00:06:06
  24. Filtering a Table, Sorting a Table, Adding a Total Row 00:02:20
  25. Creating a Chart, Modifying Charts 00:06:00
  26. Creating Sparklines 00:03:25
  27. Protecting Your Data, To Protect a workbook or Worksheet, To password-protect an Excel file, To open a pass-word protected files 00:03:24
  28. Emailing Office Documents, To email an Office document 00:02:30
  29. Working with SkyDrive, To access SkyDrive using a browser, To add files to a folder 00:02:19
  30. To Delete Files on SkyDrive, About the Office Web Apps, Using the Office Web Apps, Office Documents and SkyDrive 00:04:00

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Video QuickStart
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0132904810