Chapter 11. IF Statements

  • If I order up to 500 units of a product, I pay $3.00 per unit. If I order from 501 through 1200 units, I pay $2.70 per unit. If I order from 1201 through 2000 units, I pay $2.30 per unit. If I order more than 2000 units, I pay $2.00 per unit. How can I write a formula that expresses the purchase cost as a function of the number of units purchased?

  • I’ve just purchased 100 shares of stock at a cost of $55 per share. To hedge the risk that the stock might decline in value, I purchased 60 six-month European put options. Each option has an exercise price of $45 and costs $5. How can I develop a worksheet that indicates the six-month percentage return on my portfolio for a variety of possible future prices?

  • Many stock market ...

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