Tagging Notes

You can insert comments or other annotations about the content you collect in a notebook in several ways. For example, you can:

  • Tag a note or paragraph with a built-in or custom tag.

  • Insert note text on top of an image.

  • Handwrite notes by using a Tablet PC pen.

  • Handwrite notes by using the OneNote pen.

  • Add a note to your Microsoft Office Outlook task list.

In this topic, we discuss tagging notes. OneNote tags are a convenient (and fun) feature that make it simple to assign information to a category, bring it to your attention, or mark it for later follow-up. OneNote includes 29 built-in tags, including the 9 in the following list, which have been selected by Microsoft as the most common and assigned keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9): ...

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