Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

Book description

Microsoft PowerPoint is nearly ubiquitous in today's world--from business to schools to clubs to organizations, PowerPoint presentations are everywhere you turn. To get up and running quickly and to learn to create the best-looking presentations--the ones that stand out in terms of content and visual appeal--readers need Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide. PowerPoint presenter extraordinaire Tom Negrino steps readers through the redesigned user interface and highlights the tools readers will use as they create their presentations. Trusted teacher Tom Negrino gives step-by-step instruction on using all the new features in PowerPoint 2007, such as using the dynamic SmartArt Diagrams, custom layouts, applying attractive new themes (change them in just one click!), and how to manipulate and work with your text, tables, charts, and other presentation elements in much richer ways than ever before. Readers learn about writing their presentation, gathering images and sound files, choosing a design, working with text, and adding graphics and slide effects and transitions. In the end, users will have a professional-looking and visually appealing presentation they can use anywhere! As with all Visual QuickStart Guide books, clear, concise instructions and lots of visual aids make learning easy and painless.

Table of contents

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  3. 1. Getting Started with PowerPoint
    1. Starting PowerPoint
    2. Exploring the PowerPoint Workspace
      1. The Slide Pane
      2. The Normal View Pane
      3. The Notes Pane
      4. The Office Button
      5. The Ribbon
      6. The Quick Access Toolbar
      7. The Zoom slider and View buttons
      8. The Task Pane
    3. Working with the Ribbon
      1. Minimizing the Ribbon
    4. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
    5. Getting On-Screen Help
    6. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. 2. Creating a Presentation
    1. Choosing a Theme
    2. Starting with a Template
    3. Adding Slides
    4. Deleting Slides
    5. Changing Views
      1. Slides View
      2. Outline View
      3. Slide Only View
    6. Writing in the Outline
    7. Writing the Outline in Microsoft Word
      1. Exporting Word outlines to PowerPoint
    8. Using the Research Tools
    9. Adding Speaker Notes
    10. Changing the Slide Order
    11. Copying Slides
    12. Using Rulers and Gridlines
      1. Rulers
      2. Gridlines
    13. Previewing the Presentation
  5. 3. Working with Slide Layouts
    1. Slide Layout Types
    2. Applying Slide Layouts
      1. Reapplying slide layouts
    3. Modifying Slide Layouts
    4. Changing Slide Layout Backgrounds
  6. 4. Getting the Type Right
    1. Adding Title and Body Text
    2. Entering Bulleted Text
    3. Entering Special Characters
    4. Adding Text Boxes
    5. Layering Text
    6. Formatting Text
      1. Changing font sizes
      2. Setting font styles
      3. Changing text case
    7. Modifying Text Color
    8. Removing Font Formatting
    9. Changing Text Alignment
    10. Creating Text Columns
    11. Using the Mini Toolbar
    12. Adjusting Text Spacing
    13. Copying and Pasting Font Formatting
    14. Setting Bullet and Number Styles
    15. Setting Text and Bullet Tabs
    16. Finding and Replacing Text
    17. Checking Your Spelling
  7. 5. Working with Graphics
    1. Placing Graphics and Shapes
    2. Resizing and Cropping Graphics
      1. Scaling graphics
      2. Cropping pictures
    3. Rotating and Flipping Graphic Objects
    4. Aligning and Distributing Objects
    5. Grouping Objects
    6. Using Rulers and Gridlines
    7. Layering Graphics
    8. Using Color, Texture, and Gradient Fills
    9. Placing Text Within Shapes
    10. Placing Images Within Objects
    11. Modifying Shape and Picture Outlines
    12. Modifying Pictures and Clip Art
    13. Applying Picture Styles
    14. Applying Picture and Shape Effects
    15. Using WordArt
  8. 6. Adding SmartArt
    1. Inserting and Deleting SmartArt
    2. Formatting SmartArt
    3. Modifying SmartArt
    4. Exporting a SmartArt Graphic
  9. 7. Adding Rich Media and Hyperlinks
    1. Adding Sounds or Music
    2. Adding Slide Narration
    3. Inserting Movies
      1. Previewing and controlling movies
    4. Adding Hyperlinks
  10. 8. Working with Tables
    1. Creating a Table
    2. Selecting Table Elements
    3. Resizing Table Elements
    4. Deleting Table Elements
    5. Inserting Rows and Columns
    6. Merging and Splitting Cells
    7. Working with Cell Borders
    8. Applying Table Designs
    9. Styling Cell Contents
    10. Adding Cell Backgrounds and Graphics
  11. 9. Creating Charts
    1. About Chart Types
      1. Chart anatomy
    2. Adding Charts
    3. Using Excel to Enter Chart Data
    4. Changing Chart Types
    5. Transposing Chart Plots
    6. Setting Chart Style and Layout
    7. Modifying Chart Elements
      1. Changing colors and fonts
      2. Modifying axis elements
    8. Working with Pie Charts
    9. Resizing Charts
    10. Saving Charts as Templates
  12. 10. Using Slide Transitions and Animations
    1. Using the Slide Sorter
    2. Applying Slide Transitions
    3. Applying Animation Effects
    4. Creating Chart Builds
    5. Working with Custom Animations
      1. Animating objects along a path
      2. Animating SmartArt graphics
    6. Setting Animation Timings
    7. Using Action Settings
    8. Using Action Buttons
  13. 11. Collaborating with PowerPoint
    1. Importing from Microsoft Word
      1. Using Word tables
    2. Importing from Microsoft Excel
      1. Importing worksheet data
      2. Importing charts
    3. Exporting Presentations in PDF or XPS Format
    4. Working with Comments
    5. Emailing your Presentation
    6. Exporting Presentations as a Web Page
    7. Exporting Presentations as Image Files
    8. Exporting the Presentation Outline
    9. Saving the Presentation to CD
  14. 12. Giving the Presentation
    1. Preparing to Present
      1. Before the presentation
      2. Giving the presentation
    2. Cool Presentation Gear
      1. Cool hardware
      2. Cool software
    3. Skipping Slides on Playback
    4. Setting Up the Projector
    5. Running the Presentation
      1. Keyboard controls during the show
    6. Controlling and Annotating the Presentation
    7. Using the Presenter View
    8. Creating Custom Shows
    9. Printing Your Presentation

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s): Tom Negrino
  • Release date: October 2007
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321549747