Chapter 8. Expand Your Audience by Publishing to the Web

You can greatly expand your audience by publishing your presentations with Internet access. When you publish presentations to an intranet or Internet server, the presentations load as Web pages and are viewable even by those who do not have PowerPoint.

If you have access rights to a Web server, you can publish your presentation directly to the Internet, with no requirement for a separate Web publishing program. You can also use Web Page Preview to view how your presentation will look before you publish it to a Web site.

When a presentation is saved to the Web, the presentation’s outline is used to create a list of hyperlinks to each slide to make it easy for viewers to navigate to the slides in your presentation. You can specify the colors, the fonts, and even the page title that appears at the top of the page to make the Web presentation your own. You can also publish your presentation to an XPS or PDF file.

If you know the screen resolution at which viewers will have their monitors set, you can create your presentation to look custom-made for that screen resolution. You can even optimize your presentation to work best on a specific brand or version of browser. After your presentation is posted to the Web, you can easily link to it from text or graphics in another presentation.

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