Chapter 5. Getting Help

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Using Microsoft Office Project Help

Getting help online

Running Diagnostics when Project is sick

Using Project Guide to get started


Microsoft Office Project 2007 is a complex product that offers a wealth of functionality. But all that functionality comes at a price: It’s not always perfectly obvious how the many tools at your disposal work or how to find the information about your project that you need.

That’s where Project’s Help feature comes in. In Project Help, you can look up information or get answers to questions; go online and tap into a wider range of information and advice; run Diagnostics that tell you what to do if you’re having problems with the Project software; or let a guide take you through the process of creating a project.

Entering the Universe of Project Help

Because you probably use software day in and day out, you probably have used a Help feature before. Though they all have similarities, they all are slightly different, as well. Project 2007 Help relies heavily on online resources, though it also contains a built-in knowledge base of help topics, accessed through a Table of Contents.

Here’s a rundown of the type of help you can find in Project 2007 when you click the Help icon on the Standard toolbar. As you can see from this list, you have several ways to get to help in Project:

  • Microsoft Office Project HelpThis option displays the full Help feature with a Browse feature, Table of Contents, ...

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