18.1. Exploring Web Part Connections

To dive a little deeper to understand how Web part connections work, I take you through the following steps to create a simple Web part connection between a ListViewWebPart and a DataFormWebPart by using SharePoint Designer. Then, I help you explore the key code components that enable the Web part connections:

  1. Create a new ASPX page in SharePoint Designer and then open it in the Design view.

  2. Place the cursor on the Web page at the location where you want to insert the source Web part. For this exercise, the source Web part is a ListViewWebPart rendering data from a SharePoint List.

  3. Choose Task Panes Web Parts to enable the Web Parts task pane.

  4. In the Web Parts List, select the SourceWebPart and then click Insert Selected Web part to insert it on the Web page. This is illustrated in Figure 18.3.

  5. Ensure that the data source you selected for the data view has matching data to filter by using the values from the source Web part.

  6. Using the Data Source Library and Data Source Details task panes, insert a data view on the Web page.

  7. Right-click on the source Web part and then choose Web Part Connections from the popup menu to open the Web Part Connections Wizard, as shown in Figure 18.4.

  8. Using the Choose the action on the source Web Part to use for this connection dropdown menu, select Provide Row To and then click Next. In the top section of the Web Part ...

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