Chapter 25. Reporting for Web Sites


Using the Reports pane

Using site-reporting features

Exploiting usage-reporting features

Conforming to Web standards

Using compatibility reports

Reporting features of SharePoint Designer for sites have mostly been carried over from FrontPage 2003. You have the capability to view reports related to usage of FrontPage components on the targeted Web site, information about hyperlinks, various problems, and usage-related information. However, SharePoint Designer adds to these reporting features by providing task panes that have the ability to generate reports related to the Web site's accessibility and conformation to various Web standards, compatibility with various browser schemas, and CSS reporting.

This chapter focuses on the SharePoint Designer Reports pane, which allows administrators and site developers to view information and reports about their Web sites and helps in performing analysis based on site usage, problems encountered, and components and features used. I also talk about the various Web standards of accessibility that SharePoint Designer can compare your Web site content against and generate reports that help you determine the standards your Web site adheres to. Usage Reporting, one of the most popular features of FrontPage reporting that SharePoint Designer also inherits, is also discussed later in this chapter. I show you how to set up usage reporting in SharePoint sites and use the usage data through the SharePoint ...

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