Chapter 11. Using SharePoint Web Parts and Controls


Understanding SharePoint Web parts

Inserting Web parts and Web part zones

Exploiting SharePoint controls

Earlier in this book, I introduced some basic concepts about SharePoint sites. I talked about the interface and layout of a SharePoint site as well as how to create SharePoint sites, site collections, and Web pages. I showed how you can use SharePoint Designer to create Web pages for SharePoint sites. You were also given a quick overview of what a SharePoint Web part is. Now that you have been exposed to SharePoint Designer for creating non-SharePoint content, I want to revisit SharePoint to offer more details about the components of a SharePoint site and how they interact with SharePoint Designer.

In this chapter, I introduce you to some key concepts about SharePoint that readily apply when you work with SharePoint Designer on SharePoint sites. I discuss concepts such as ghosting and un-ghosting of SharePoint content, take you through the user interface provided by SharePoint and SharePoint Designer for working with SharePoint Web parts and controls, and mention the commonly used SharePoint Web parts and controls. I familiarize you with SharePoint Web part galleries and discuss how you can add Web parts to these galleries for use in SharePoint sites. You also become familiar with the concept of Web part zones and how you can use SharePoint Designer to insert Web part zones on custom pages to facilitate easier ...

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