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Microsoft® OneNote® 2010 Plain & Simple

Book Description

Your easy, colorful, SEE-HOW guide to Microsoft® OneNote® 2010! You'll learn the quickest ways to set up and use OneNote with easy-to-follow steps, screenshots, and concise, straightforward language that make learning plain and simple!

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft® OneNote® 2010 Plain & Simple
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    2. Acknowledgments
    3. 1. Introduction: About This Book
      1. No Computerese!
      2. A Comprehensive Approach
      3. A Quick Overview
      4. A Few Assumptions
      5. What’s New in OneNote 2010
      6. A Final Word
    4. 2. What’s New in Microsoft OneNote 2010
      1. Using the Ribbon
      2. Using the Quick Access Toolbar
      3. Formatting Text with the Styles Gallery
      4. Linking to Other Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
      5. Docking OneNote on the Side of the Screen
      6. Reviewing and Restoring Page Versions
      7. Sending Outlook Data to OneNote
      8. Using the Mini Translator
      9. Formulating and Drawing Math Equations
    5. 3. Getting Started with OneNote 2010
      1. What’s Where in OneNote 2010
      2. Taking Advantage of the Notebook-Section-Pages Hierarchy
      3. Creating a Notebook
        1. Create a Notebook
      4. Renaming a Notebook
        1. Rename a Notebook
      5. Opening a Notebook
        1. Open a Notebook
      6. Closing a Notebook
        1. Close a Notebook
      7. Collapsing and Expanding Notebooks on the Navigation Bar
        1. Collapse and Expand a Notebook
      8. Navigating in OneNote
        1. Navigate in OneNote
      9. Converting OneNote 2007 Notebooks to 2010
        1. Convert a OneNote 2007 Notebook to 2010
    6. 4. Storing Your Notes
      1. Creating Sections
        1. Create a Section
      2. Creating Section Groups
        1. Create a Section Group
      3. Creating Pages
        1. Create a Page
        2. Create a Page from a Template
        3. Create a Page Template
        4. Choose the Default Page Template for Section Pages
      4. Creating Subpages for Page Groups
        1. Create a Subpage
        2. Collapse and Expand Page Groups
      5. Revisiting and Restoring a Different Version of a Page
        1. Revisit and Restore a Page Version
        2. Delete Page Versions
      6. Password-Protecting a Section
        1. Password-Protect a Section
        2. Open a Password-Protected Section
        3. Remove a Password
    7. 5. Writing Basic Notes
      1. Writing a Note with the Keyboard
        1. Write a Note
      2. Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Notes
        1. Select, Move, and Delete Notes
      3. Entering Symbols and Unusual Characters
        1. Enter a Symbol or an Unusual Character
      4. Selecting Text
        1. Select Text
      5. Copying and Moving Text
        1. Copy and Move Text
      6. Formatting Text
        1. Format Text
      7. Applying Styles to Text
        1. Apply Styles to Text
      8. Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists
        1. Create a Numbered List
        2. Create a Bulleted List
    8. 6. Taking Notes to Another Level
      1. Writing Side Notes
        1. Write a Side Note
        2. Manage Side Notes in the Unfiled Notes Folder
      2. Handwriting Notes and Converting Them to Text
        1. Handwrite a Note and Convert It to Text
      3. Creating and Constructing Outlines
        1. Create and Construct an Outline
      4. Date- and Time-Stamping Notes
        1. Date- and Time-Stamp a Note
      5. Placing Files and Printouts in Notes
        1. Attaching a File to a Note
        2. Attach a File to a Note
        3. Inserting a File Printout
        4. Insert a File Printout
        5. Inserting Content from a Scanner or Digital Camera
        6. Insert Content from a Scanner or Digital Camera
      6. Placing Images in Notes
        1. Inserting a Picture
        2. Insert a Picture
        3. Taking a Screen Clipping
        4. Take a Screen Clipping
      7. Constructing Math Equations
        1. Use Equation Tools to Construct an Equation
        2. Construct an Equation in the Insert Ink Equation Window
      8. Recording Audio and Video Notes
        1. Record an Audio or Video Note
        2. Play Back an Audio or Video Note
    9. 7. Putting a Table in a Note
      1. Creating a Table
        1. Create a Table
      2. Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows
        1. Insert a Column or Row
        2. Delete a Column or Row
      3. Selecting Parts of a Table
        1. Select a Cell, Column, Row, or Table
      4. Handling Table Borders
        1. Hide or Display Table Borders
      5. Changing the Width of Columns
        1. Change the Width of a Column
      6. Aligning Text in Tables
        1. Left-Align, Center, or Right-Align Text
    10. 8. Linking Your Notes
      1. Linking to Other Places in OneNote
        1. Linking to Another Notebook, Section, or Page
        2. Linking to Another Note
        3. Link to a Notebook, Section, or Page
        4. Link to Another Note
      2. Creating Links to Web Pages and Files
        1. Creating Links to Web Pages
        2. Creating Links to Files
        3. Create a Link to a Web Page
        4. Create a Link to a File
      3. Editing and Managing Links
        1. Edit and Manage a Link
      4. Taking Linked Notes
        1. Opening the Docked Window
        2. Taking Linked Notes in the Docked Window
        3. Handling Linked Notes in the Docked Window
        4. Closing the Docked Window
        5. Opening a Linked File
        6. Take Linked Notes
        7. Open a Linked Notes Page or File
    11. 9. Making OneNote Easier to Use
      1. Handling the Navigation Bar and Page Tabs
        1. Collapse and Expand the Navigation Bar and Page Tabs
      2. Minimizing and Expanding the Ribbon
        1. Minimize and Expand the Ribbon
      3. Changing Screen Views
        1. Change Your View of the Screen
      4. Docking OneNote to the Desktop
        1. Dock OneNote to the Desktop
      5. Opening Another OneNote Window
        1. Open Another OneNote Window
      6. Zooming In and Out
        1. Zoom In and Out
    12. 10. Spell Checking Your Notes
      1. Running a Spell Check
        1. Correct Misspellings One at a Time
        2. Run a Spell Check
      2. Customizing the Spell Checker
        1. OneNote Spell Checking Options
        2. Customize the Spell Checker
      3. Spell Checking Foreign-Language Text
        1. Spell Check Foreign Language Text
      4. Correcting Common Misspellings
        1. Autocorrect Common Misspellings
    13. 11. Drawing Notes
      1. Drawing Free-Form with a Pen or Highlighter
        1. Draw Free-Form with a Pen or Highlighter
      2. Creating a Free-Form Pen or Highlighter
        1. Create a Free-Form Pen or Highlighter
      3. Drawing Lines, Shapes, and Graphs
        1. Draw Lines, Shapes, and Graphs
      4. Using the Eraser
        1. Use the Eraser
      5. Panning to See Your Work
        1. Pan Across or Down the Page
      6. Manipulating Lines and Shapes
        1. Select Lines and Shapes
        2. Move Lines and Shapes
        3. Resize Lines and Shapes
        4. Delete Lines and Shapes
      7. Arranging Overlapping Lines, Shapes, and Containers
        1. Arrange Overlapping Lines, Shapes, and Containers
      8. Rotating and Flipping Lines and Shapes
        1. Rotate and Flip Lines and Shapes
    14. 12. Organizing Your Notes
      1. Moving, Copying, and Merging Pages and Sections
        1. Move or Copy a Page or Pages
        2. Merge (Move or Copy) All Pages in a Section
        3. Move or Copy a Section to a Different Location
      2. Tagging Notes for Follow Up
        1. Tag a Note or Page
        2. Remove a Tag
      3. Customizing Tags
        1. Customize a Tag
        2. Modify a Tag
        3. Delete a Tag from the Tags Gallery
      4. Finding Tagged Notes
        1. Find Tagged Items
      5. Color-Coding Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
        1. Color-Code a Page and Section
    15. 13. Searching for Stray Notes
      1. Searching a Page
        1. Search a Page
      2. Searching a Section, Section Group, or Notebook
        1. Search a section
      3. Searching All Open Notebooks
        1. Search All Open Notebooks
      4. Refining Searches with the Search Results Pane
        1. Refine a Search with the Search Results Pane
      5. Choosing the Default Search Scope
        1. Choose a Default Search Scope
    16. 14. Housecleaning in OneNote
      1. Deleting a Page
        1. Delete a Page
      2. Deleting a Section
        1. Delete a Section
      3. Restoring Pages and Sections from the Recycle Bin
        1. Restore a Page from the Recycle Bin
        2. Restore a Section from the Recycle Bin
      4. Backing Up Notebooks Manually
        1. Back Up Notebooks Manually
      5. Choosing How to Back Up Notebooks
        1. Choose How to Back Up Notebooks
      6. Opening a Backup Copy of a Notebook Section
        1. Open a Backup Copy of a Notebook Section
    17. 15. Conducting Research in OneNote 2010
      1. Handling the Research Task Pane
        1. Open, Resize, Move, Dock, and Close the Research Task Pane
      2. Researching a Topic
        1. Research a Topic
      3. Customizing the Research Task Pane
        1. Customize the Research Task Pane
      4. Translating Text
        1. Translate a Word, Phrase, or Passage with the Research Task Pane
        2. Get Ready to Use the Mini Translator
        3. Use the Mini Translator
    18. 16. Distributing Your Notes
      1. Printing a Section
        1. Print a Section
      2. Emailing a Page
        1. Email a Page
      3. Saving Pages, Sections, and Notebooks in Alternative File Formats
        1. Save a Page, Section, or Notebook to an Alternative File Format
      4. Transferring a Notebook to Another Computer
        1. Transfer a Notebook to Another Computer
    19. 17. Using OneNote with Other Office 2010 Applications
      1. Opening a Page in Word
        1. Open a Page in Word
      2. Creating an Outlook Task in OneNote
        1. Create an Outlook Task in OneNote
      3. Entering Meeting Details from Outlook in a Note
        1. Enter Meeting Details from Outlook in a Note
      4. Entering Outlook Information (Email, Meeting, Contact, Task) on a Page
        1. Enter Outlook Information on a Page
        2. Choose How Outlook Sends Information to OneNote
    20. 18. Sharing Notebooks with Others
      1. Sharing a Notebook
        1. Share a Notebook
      2. Finding Unread Notes
        1. Find Unread Notes (and Mark Them as Read)
      3. Finding Notes by Specific Authors
        1. Find Notes by a Specific Author
      4. Finding Recently Edited Notes
        1. Find Recently Edited Notes
    21. 19. Customizing OneNote 2010
      1. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
        1. Add and Remove Quick Access Toolbar Buttons
        2. Change the Order of Buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar
        3. Reposition the Quick Access Toolbar
        4. Reset Quick Access Toolbar Customizations
      2. Customizing the Ribbon
        1. Opening the Customize the Ribbon Window
        2. About the Customize the Ribbon Window
        3. Techniques for Customizing the Ribbon
        4. Create and Remove a Tab
        5. Create and Remove a Group in a Tab
        6. Rename a Tab and Group
        7. Relocate a Tab and Group
        8. Add Commands to and Remove Commands from Custom groups
        9. Reset Your Ribbon Customizations
    22. 20. Using OneNote Web App
      1. Introducing Web Applications
      2. Getting Ready to Use OneNote Web App
        1. Signing Up for Windows Live
        2. Creating SkyDrive Folders for Storing Notebooks
      3. Creating a Notebook
        1. Create a Notebook
      4. Exploring OneNote Web App
        1. Explore OneNote Web App
      5. Opening a Notebook in OneNote 2010
        1. Open a Notebook in OneNote 2010
      6. Inviting Others to Coauthor a Notebook
        1. Send an Email Invitation to Coauthor a Notebook
      7. Finding Out Who Wrote Notes
        1. Find Out Who Wrote Notes
      8. Using OneNote Web App in Office 365
        1. Creating a Notebook
        2. Create a Notebook
        3. Exploring OneNote Web App in Office 365
    23. Index
    24. About the Author
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