Power BI Audit Log Integration

  1. In Power BI Desktop, create parameters for the file path and name as well as the local time zone offset to UTC.
File path and time zone parameters in the Query Editor
  1. Create a blank query that returns the full file path based on the parameters per the image of PBIAuditLog.
  1. Create a new query to the CSV file on the network and replace the file path with the query, based on the parameters:
let Source = Csv.Document(File.Contents(PBIAuditLog),[Delimiter=",", Columns=5, Encoding=65001, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.Csv]),    RemoveTopRows = Table.Skip(Source,2), PromoteHeaders = Table.PromoteHeaders(RemoveTopRows, [PromoteAllScalars=true]), ...

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