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Microsoft Power BI Online

Video Description

Turn Your Data into Actionable Business Insights

About This Video

  • Get ahead of the curve when it comes to harnessing the power features of Microsoft Power BI Service

  • Discover and share new insights from your published reports and dashboards

  • Assemble a power team in your organization with streamlined communication for rapid decision-making

  • In Detail

    Microsoft Power BI is a suite of tools to analyze your data and extract business insights from it through building interactive reports and dashboards. This video will be your guide to get the most out of the Power BI Service (browser), enabling you to solve business problems and improve operations.

    You will first learn how to develop dashboards from published reports and then continue to discover greater insight from your data with Quick Insights and the Q&A feature.

    One of the benefits of using MS Power BI in your organization is that it simplifies data sharing and team collaboration. In the second part of this video, you will learn how to harness these capabilities for improvement all around.