Chapter 18. Service and Resource Administration with ADSI

You can use ADSI to control many different aspects of workstations and servers. In this chapter, we look at managing services, opening files, and handling user sessions. When services and resources aren't configured or managed properly, your organization's productivity can grind to a halt. E-mail messages may not get delivered. Users may get locked out of files and databases. Critical systems may even crash. To help avoid problems with services and resources, you can use scripts to monitor their status, update configuration settings, and more.

Managing Windows Services

Windows services provide essential functions for workstations and servers. Without these services, computers could not perform many important tasks. If you've worked with Windows for awhile, you know that the operating system has many different features that help you automatically manage services. For example, you can configure the automatic restart of a service and the automatic restart of a computer if a service fails to restart.

With Windows scripts, you gain more control over how and when services are started, stopped, and restarted. You can use scripts to view service status and manage configuration settings as well.

Using and understanding Windows services

The standard utility for managing Windows services is the Services node of ...

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