Microsoft Private Cloud Computing

Book description

Learn the foundation of cloud computing and how to build your own Microsoft private cloud

Written by a team of expert authors who are MVPs and leaders in their respective fields, this one-of-a-kind book is an essential resource for IT administrators who are responsible for implementing and managing a cloud infrastructure. You'll quickly learn how cloud computing offers significant cost savings while also providing new levels of speed and agility.

Serving as a how-to guide, Microsoft Private Cloud Computing walks you through building a secure, internal cloud and delivering it as a service to your company using Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012.

  • Walks you through the entire process: understanding cloud computing, understanding the Microsoft concept of a private cloud, deploying a private cloud fabric, deploying services, and building a private cloud, as well as integrating it with Microsoft's public cloud to create a cross-premises or public cloud

  • Discusses fabric management with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012

  • Examines how to provide network and storage with VMM 2012

  • Looks at the VMM library configuration

  • Discusses private cloud and cloud service management with Microsoft App Controller

Microsoft Private Cloud Computing is a must-have comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of implementing a private cloud.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Publisher's Note
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About the Authors
  8. Introduction
    1. Who Should Read This Book
    2. What Is Covered in This Book
    3. How to Contact the Authors
  9. Part 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing
    1. Chapter 1: Understanding Cloud Computing
      1. The Challenges of Traditional Computing
      2. How Cloud Computing Is Changing IT Service Delivery
      3. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: The Microsoft Private Cloud
      1. The Microsoft Private-Cloud Strategy
      2. System Center 2012 in the Microsoft Private Cloud
      3. Summary
  10. Part 2: Fabric and Service Management
    1. Chapter 3: Introducing the VMM 2012 Architecture
      1. Exploring the New Capabilities of VMM 2012
      2. Understanding the VMM Architecture
      3. Summary
    2. Chapter 4: Setting Up and Deploying VMM 2012
      1. Discovering VMM 2012 Installation Requirements
      2. Setting Up and Discovering VMM
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 5: Understanding the VMM Library
      1. Introducing the Library Role in VMM
      2. Library-Server Hardware Requirements
      3. Adding Library Servers
      4. Adding a Library Share
      5. Associating Library Servers to a Host Group
      6. Adding Resources to the Library
      7. Removing Resources from the Library
      8. Updating the Catalog and Baselines
      9. Summary
    4. Chapter 6: Understanding Network and Storage in VMM 2012
      1. Preparing Network Integration
      2. Preparing Storage Integration and Automation
      3. Summary
    5. Chapter 7: Deploying Hosts and Clusters in VMM 2012
      1. Adding Existing Hyper-V Servers and Clusters
      2. Adding New Hyper-V Servers with Bare-Metal Deployment
      3. Managing Hyper-V Clusters in VMM
      4. Adding Existing VMware ESX Hosts
      5. Adding Existing XenServer Hosts
      6. Summary
    6. Chapter 8: Understanding Service Modeling
      1. Introduction to Service Templates
      2. Preparing the Library for Application Deployment
      3. Virtual-Machine Templates
      4. Creating Application Packages with Server App-V
      5. SQL Server Profiles
      6. SQL Data-Tier Applications
      7. Web Applications
      8. Basic Sequencing Concepts
      9. Deploying a Service
      10. Exporting and Importing Service Templates
      11. Managing and Updating a Service
      12. Summary
  11. Part 3: Private Cloud Solution
    1. Chapter 9: Creating a Private Cloud
      1. Identifying Private Cloud Elements
      2. The Create Cloud Wizard
      3. Understanding User Roles
      4. Managing User Roles with the Create User Role Wizard
      5. Managing a Private Cloud
      6. Summary
    2. Chapter 10: Working in the Cloud
      1. VMM User Interfaces
      2. Working with Virtual Machines
      3. Deploying a New VM
      4. Managing Virtual Machines
      5. Summary
    3. Chapter 11: App Controller and the Public Cloud
      1. Introducing Windows Azure
      2. Introducing App Controller
      3. Installing and Connecting to App Controller
      4. App Controller User Roles
      5. Connecting App Controller
      6. Exploring App Controller
      7. The App Controller Library
      8. Working with Services
      9. Deployment with App Controller
      10. Upgrading Services with App Controller
      11. Summary
    4. Chapter 12: Cloud Services Process Pack
      1. Introducing the Vision
      2. The Components
      3. Implementing the Cloud Service
      4. Using the Cloud Service
      5. Automation: The Sky Is the Limit!
      6. Conclusion
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Private Cloud Computing
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781118283301