Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Development LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video description


The complete, hands-on video course in SharePoint 2013 development: build 10 complete solutions and master essential skills for every new project.



In this one-of-a-kind video package, top developer Scot Hillier shows you exactly how to build high-value collaborative applications with SharePoint 2013 and the powerful new Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio. You'll learn through self-paced, personal walkthroughs of 10 complete projects: just click, watch, and discover how to use SharePoint 2013's most powerful features. Hillier first shows you how to set up your development environment. Next, you'll walk through building corporate calendars, contact managers, app parts, employee directories, document management tools, task managers, HR systems, and much more. Hillier also demonstrates how to develop SharePoint 2013 solutions for deployment on the Microsoft Azure cloud.


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About the Instructor

Scott Hillieris an independent consultant and 9-time Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional (MVP) focused on creating solutions for information workers with SharePoint, Office, and related .NET technologies. A frequent speaker at TechEd and SharePoint Connections, he has authored many books on Microsoft technologies, including five books on SharePoint 2010. Hillier also provides SharePoint training through Critical Path Training. A former U. S. Navy submarine officer, he is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute.

Skill Level

  • All Levels


What You Will Learn

  • How to set up your SharePoint 2013 development environment
  • How to utilize valuable new SharePoint 2013 features in your solutions
  • How to build complete collaboration, document management, and HR solutions with SharePoint
  • How to create SharePoint solutions for Office 365 and the cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • How to apply powerful Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET and MVC in SharePoint 2013


Who Should Take This Course

  • For SharePoint developers at all levels, including those new to SharePoint and those upgrading to SharePoint 2013 from previous versions


Course Requirements

  • Basic familiarity with Web and Microsoft development


Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Development Environment


  • Set up an Office 365 Developer Environment
  • Set up a Windows Azure Developer Environment

Lesson 2: Corporate Calendar


  • Create a SharePoint-Hosted App
  • Create enterprise JavaScript and jQuery
  • Utilize the JavaScript client-side object model

Lesson 3: Contact Management


  • Create a Provider-Hosted App
  • Utilize the C# client-side object model
  • Make C# cross-domain calls to the host web

Lesson 4: Welcome App Part


  • Create an App Part
  • Publish a remote web to Windows Azure
  • Publish an app to the Corporate Catalog

Lesson 5: Print List

  • Create a Custom Action
  • Utilize custom master pages in apps
  • Make JavaScript cross-domain calls to the host web

Lesson 6: Employee Directory


  • Utilize the search service in an app
  • Configure managed properties to support apps
  • Utilize the knockoutjs library in an app

Lessons 7: File Upload


  • Create list and libraries in the app web
  • Upload files to document libraries from apps
  • Make JavaScript cross-domain calls to the app web

Lesson 8: To-Do List


  • Utilize the AngularJS controllers in an app
  • Utilize AngularJS data binding in an app
  • Utilize responsive design in an app

Lesson 9: Human Resources System


  • Create a SQL Azure database
  • Use Entity Framework to access a database
  • Use MVC5 in a remote web

Lesson 10: My Contacts


  • Use the Office 365 APIs in a web application
  • Create an Office task pane app
  • Set Office 365 application permissions

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  • Title: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Development LiveLessons (Video Training)
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  • Release date: December 2014
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