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Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q Handbook

Book Description

100 Essential Questions and Answers about SharePoint 2010 for Executives considering SharePoint deployments

  • Forget lengthy technical SharePoint guides more suited for hands-on technical staff; get equipped with the knowledge of SharePoint’s business potential before deployment
  • Get to grips with SharePoint governance, the Cloud, staffing, development and much more from a business perspective in this book and e-book
  • An essential SharePoint Pocket Guide with useful Q&As for every business executive deliberating over SharePoint implementation

In Detail

The depth and breadth of SharePoint as a technology can be daunting to any executive managing a SharePoint technical team or pondering the next steps for an upcoming SharePoint deployment within their organization.

This book demystifies SharePoint and its potential business value with simple, non-technical answers to the everyday SharePoint questions that business executives should be asking.

SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest selling product, and from the outside has the perceived ability to do anything for anyone in any business. Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook is the starting point in the SharePoint knowledge process. It asks and answers the simple questions that business and technical managers should all understand about the challenges and opportunities that executives face when deploying SharePoint.

Unlike other technical SharePoint guides, “Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook” is the ultimate primer in SharePoint education, helping business executives understand what it can do, and preparing you to make the right decisions.

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook
    3. Credits
    4. Foreword
    5. About the Authors
    6. About the Reviewers
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    8. Preface
      1. Why this book
      2. Going off the rails
      3. How this book will save you money, and, just possibly, your career
        1. Example: The .NET developer
      4. How to use this book
      5. What this book covers
        1. What you need for this book
      6. Who this book is for
      7. Conventions
      8. Reader feedback
      9. Customer support
        1. Errata
        2. Piracy
        3. Questions
    9. 1. Defining a SharePoint IT Strategy
      1. Q: Can you define what a strategy is?
      2. Q: What is an IT strategy?
      3. Q: How do you create a SharePoint IT strategy?
        1. Day 1: Diagnostics
          1. Intro to workshop — discussion
          2. Company background — discussion
          3. The Focus on IT environment — discussion
          4. Current IT core applications — discussion
          5. Future IT core applications — discussion
          6. Review — discussion
        2. Day 2: The treatment plan
          1. Initial findings and review — discussion
          2. The Gap analysis
          3. Priorities, actions, and agreement
          4. Review — discussion
        3. Day 3: A successful SharePoint implementation plan
          1. Next steps — discussion
          2. Summary and close out
      4. Q: What is the intended outcome of the workshop?
      5. Q: Who needs to be involved with the process?
      6. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: Do I need to get the CEO involved?
        2. Q: Why is a SharePoint strategy different than other IT products?
        3. Q: What are the pitfalls of a SharePoint strategy?
        4. Q: Why do we really need an IT strategy?
      7. Digging deeper
        1. Q: Any final words of advice on this?
      8. Summary
    10. 2. Just Enough Governance
      1. Q. What is governance?
      2. Q. Why do we need it?
      3. Q: So where do I start with governance?
      4. Q: Who should be involved with SharePoint governance?
        1. Case study: Include everyone
      5. Q: Is it worth hiring a consulting firm to create your company's governance documentation?
      6. Q: Why does it seem that SharePoint requires more governance than other technologies?
      7. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: How do you define "just enough governance"?
        2. Q: How do I strike this so-called "balance"?
        3. Q: Well, we have got this far without governance with SharePoint, so why bother?
        4. Q: Our existing governance plan hasn't improved deployments or reduced frustrations; any suggestions?
        5. Q: Won't governance slow down the speed of innovation?
      8. Digging deeper
        1. Q: Where can I find further information on a governance approach with SharePoint?
      9. Summary
    11. 3. Deployment Roadmap
      1. Q: Which edition of SharePoint is right for me?
        1. SharePoint Foundation
        2. SharePoint Server 2010 Standard
        3. SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise
          1. FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint 2010
          2. SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Standard
          3. SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Enterprise
          4. Microsoft Office 365
          5. FAST Search Server 2010 for Internet Sites
      2. Q: Where should I deploy SharePoint? What choices do I really have?
        1. On-premise
        2. Hosted
        3. Cloud
        4. Hybrid
        5. So what do I choose?
      3. Q: What about licensing? What are my options and how much will it cost?
        1. What edition of SharePoint does my company need?
        2. Who are my end users?
        3. How many servers will run SharePoint?
        4. How many people or devices will access SharePoint?
        5. Is my company licensed for the Microsoft products that are needed to run SharePoint?
        6. Enterprise Agreement
      4. Q: SharePoint 2010 Development, Quality Assurance, Production — how many farms do I actually need?
      5. Q: What do I need to know about storage requirements and their impact on my deployment strategy?
        1. Estimating content database storage
        2. Data scale
      6. Q: Intranet, extranet — which SharePoint topology is right for me?
        1. Intranets
        2. Extranets
        3. Public-facing Internet sites
      7. Q: What about authentication for end users; what options are available to me?
      8. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: Is there any way for me to migrate my existing licenses, instead of having to obtain new ones?
        2. Q: What do I need to know about web browsers, tablets, and mobile phones?
          1. Web browsers
          2. Mobile phones
          3. Tablets
        3. Q: Why are companies resistant to My Sites; can this attitude ever change?
        4. Q: I've heard that Office 2010 is the only version that integrates with SharePoint 2010. Is this true, and what are some other MS products that integrate with SharePoint 2010?
          1. Disaster recovery
          2. Antivirus
          3. Security
          4. Monitoring and management
          5. Project management
          6. Business intelligence
          7. Client applications
      9. Digging deeper
        1. SharePoint editions
        2. SharePoint licensing
        3. Capacity planning
        4. Extranet topologies
        5. Public-facing SharePoint sites
        6. Authentication mechanisms
      10. Summary
    12. 4. SharePoint in the Clouds
      1. Q: What options do I actually have for cloud-based SharePoint 2010?
        1. Public cloud
        2. Private cloud
        3. Community cloud
        4. Hybrid cloud
      2. Q: How can I use Amazon Web Services for SharePoint 2010?
        1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
        2. Amazon Elastic Block Store
        3. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
        4. Elastic Load Balancing
      3. Q: This doesn't sound like a turn-key solution. Where does Amazon's responsibility end and where does mine begin?
        1. Amazon infrastructure
        2. Windows infrastructure
        3. SharePoint infrastructure
      4. Q: Can I create a Microsoft private cloud solution for SharePoint?
        1. Technology Stack
        2. Licensing
        3. Benefits
      5. Q: Office 365 and SharePoint Online — how many offerings and plans are actually out there?
        1. Dedicated versus Standard
        2. Small businesses
        3. Midsize businesses and enterprises
        4. Education
        5. Kiosk Plans
      6. Q: What authentication options do I have for SharePoint Online?
        1. Microsoft Online Services IDs
        2. Microsoft Windows Live IDs
        3. ADFS 2.0 and SSO
      7. Q: What about Windows Azure and SharePoint 2010? How can I take advantage of this offering?
        1. Service
        2. Data
      8. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: Security is always a concern. What can I do to secure my SharePoint deployment in the cloud?
          1. Amazon security
          2. SharePoint security
        2. Q: How do I migrate my on-premise deployment to SharePoint Online? What are my options?
        3. Q: I've been told that SharePoint online has less features than its on-premise counterpart. What is it missing?
      9. Digging deeper
        1. Amazon Web Services
        2. Private Clouds
        3. Office 365
          1. Migration
        4. Windows Azure
      10. Summary
    13. 5. SharePoint and Important Trends
      1. Q: How big is SharePoint to Microsoft?
      2. Q: Which IT trends matter?
        1. Q: What are the user experience trends?
          1. Users choose their interface and the sources for those interfaces
          2. Users choose between desktop, web, mobile, and other forms of technology-driven information consumption
          3. Mobile, tablet, and other forms of consumption have had mixed experiences
          4. One browser doesn't rule them all
          5. Growing screen resolutions and growing accessibility expectations
        2. Q: What are the IT delivery trends?
        3. Q: What are the collaboration and communication trends?
          1. Q: Do social computing technologies really help businesses, and is SharePoint really a social computing platform?
        4. Q: What are the data and information trends and how is SharePoint meeting this demand?
          1. What is BI for the masses?
          2. The Microsoft BI Stack
          3. Search first, ask questions later
          4. SharePoint and FAST
      3. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: What are the security trends?
          1. SharePoint permission sprawl
          2. Environment security
        2. Q: How agile is SharePoint?
          1. What is agile?
        3. Q: SharePoint applications: Is it better to buy or build?
          1. Q: What are the reasons for the rapid growth of more SharePoint applications that you can download and activate?
      4. Digging deeper
        1. Q: What are your internal corporate trends?
        2. Q: What are the consumer trends?
        3. Q: What are other industry and technology trends?
      5. Summary
    14. 6. How to get the .NET Developers on Board Quickly?
      1. Q: What's so different about SharePoint development compared to .NET development?
      2. Q: How should we approach SharePoint development?
        1. Have a source-control strategy
        2. Create a development environment
        3. Build a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment
        4. Build a production environment
        5. Deployment strategy
      3. Q: What roadblocks do new SharePoint developers face?
        1. Complementary SharePoint technology
        2. Q: How do we avoid mistakes in the early stages?
        3. Q: Can you provide an example of when a straight .NET development is more appropriate than SharePoint .NET?
      4. Q: What do I need to know to get started in SharePoint development?
        1. .NET development
        2. How SharePoint features function within the platform
        3. How to deploy customizations
        4. Q: What technical environment do I need to get started with SharePoint development?
      5. Q: Do developers ever resist the SharePoint developer route?
        1. SharePoint development is not considered professional development
        2. Developers do not want to work within a product
        3. Most developers do not want to be end user focused
      6. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: How do I know that my developers just do not have the SharePoint knowledge?
        2. Q: Does a SharePoint developer need better than normal communication skills?
      7. Digging deeper
        1. Q: How can I learn SharePoint development as fast as possible?
          1. Find a user group
          2. Connect through social media
          3. Forums
        2. Q: What SharePoint books do you recommend for learning development?
      8. Summary
    15. 7. Growing SharePoint Capacity and Meeting Staffing Resource Needs
      1. Q: What are the minimal SharePoint deployment and technical skill set I can get away with?
      2. Q: What would be the typical SharePoint skill sets needed for different company sizes?
      3. Q: How easy is it to train in-house technical staff on SharePoint?
      4. Q: What kind of training resources are available?
      5. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: Should I listen to recruiters on job descriptions?
          1. SharePoint Developer:
          2. Preferred requirements:
        2. Q: What are the hidden costs of SharePoint?
        3. Q: Is there a good approach when using SharePoint for a "charge back" model to the business?
        4. Q: Is it worth purchasing a Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement?
      6. Digging deeper
        1. Q: How do I start to grow capacity?
        2. Q: What if I can't get budget to grow capacity?
        3. Q: How do I define if SharePoint has been a success after one year?
      7. Summary
    16. 8. Managing your First SharePoint Project
      1. Q: What factors should you take into consideration?
        1. Team skill and experience
        2. Size and scope of the project
        3. Your customer
        4. Configuration versus customization
      2. Q: Why is a SharePoint first project different to other technologies' first project?
        1. Case Study: The insurance firm
        2. End-user community
        3. Anti-patterns
      3. Q: How do we decide upon our first project's scope?
        1. Principles of good business scope
        2. Technical scope
        3. Sirens of Greek mythology
        4. Technical skill set
      4. Q: How do you plan for and design your first SharePoint project solution?
        1. Planning
        2. Designing
      5. Q: What's the best way to execute?
        1. Work iteratively
        2. Share, share, share
      6. Q: Should you implement in phases?
      7. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: How do you organize your SharePoint team?
        2. Q: How do you leverage success?
      8. Digging deeper
        1. Q: What problems should you anticipate with your first project?
          1. Q: Who should be the first business unit for a SharePoint deployment?
          2. Q. How easy is it to change from configuration to customization in a project?
      9. Summary
    17. 9. Now What?
      1. Q: How do I apply the concepts from this book to produce results?
      2. Q: I have heard SharePoint projects often fail. How can this be avoided?
      3. Q: How do I choose a company to partner with?
      4. Q: Is it easy to offshore SharePoint development?
      5. Q: How do I estimate a SharePoint development project?
      6. Q: How easy is it for Java development teams to learn .NET SharePoint development?
      7. Funny you should say that...
        1. Q: How do I write an RFP for a technology that I'm not familiar with?
          1. You get what you ask for
          2. People are fooled by price
          3. Time is money
          4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
      8. Digging deeper
        1. Q: Can a SharePoint deployment really help my career?
          1. Formulation
          2. Concentration
          3. Momentum
          4. Stability
          5. Breakthrough
          6. Mastery
          7. Other operating states
            1. Emergency
            2. Danger
      9. Summary
    18. Index