Configuring BI Dashboards

After you have identified the content sources that provide your business intelligence data, you will proceed with creating dashboard pages that can be customized to create relationships between the data sources and allow filtering for users to see the slice of information that they need. This business intelligence scenario allows for users to see information in context so that they can take action.

Creating dashboard pages

The dashboard content type provides a page template that is designed to host business intelligence components and connectors. The page creation process prompts you to add or create KPI lists and is configured with two Excel Web Access Web Parts and a filter zone in the top of the left navigation page that efficiently uses the dashboard space. You can insert business intelligence components in any Web Part page, but the dashboard page provides a starting platform.

Adding the dashboard content type

If you create a library from the Reports Library template, you will create a library configured to store reports and dashboards. In addition, you can add the capability to create and store dashboards to other document libraries. For each document library in which you want to store dashboards, you need to add the dashboard content type to that library. To add the dashboard content types, follow these steps:

Navigate to the document library to which you want to add the dashboard content type.
Select Document Library Settings from the Settings ...

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