Chapter 7. Searching and Retrieving Content


  • Configuring and maintaining the search and indexing components

  • Tuning search results

  • Customizing the Enterprise Search Center

  • Finding content with alerts

Search is a key component of easily finding content in a portal or site of any considerable size. When navigation, bookmarks, and guessing let users down, search is the right tool to find what they need. This chapter discusses how to use the search features of SharePoint to find content and to proactively notify users of new content; in addition, it covers the steps necessary to plan, configure, and maintain the search components of SharePoint.

The underlying technology used for SPS 2010 and SFS 2010 search is the same but the functionality provided is very different. SPS 2010 provides enterprise search capabilities, including the ability to index content sources located throughout the organization such as e-mail servers, file shares, and business data, and ability to customize search scopes to provide users the ability to scope their searches appropriately. SFS 2010 provides site collection level search. Because it is not possible to customize content sources, scopes, search schedules, or indexed properties with SFS 2010, this chapter is focused on the SPS 2010 feature set.

Configuring and Maintaining the Search and Indexing Components

Configuring search and indexing correctly is important so that users receive accurate, relevant, and expected results. Configuring search for ...

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