Part VI. Enhanced Report Content

  • Creating a Calendar Report

  • Creating Mailing Labels

  • Barcodes

  • Currency Translation

  • Custom Aggregation

  • Dynamic (Conditional) Page Breaks

  • Excel Worksheet Naming and Page Naming

  • External Image Sources

  • Language Localization

  • Page Running Total

  • Renderer Dependant Layout and Formatting

  • Creating a Checkbox List to Show Existing Records

  • Using a Checkbox List to Select and Deselect Records

  • Using the Map Wizard


On occasion, someone will ask if Reporting Services contains a native month-view calendar report item, to which I have to reply "no" but it's actually not hard to do using a matrix. I've approached calendar and time reporting a few different ways in the past and the solution is generally accomplished through the presentation of the data to the report, rather than using a feature of the reporting tool. A couple of years ago, Brian Larson demonstrated the technique shown in this recipe at the PASS Global Summit and I was thoroughly impressed with his approach. He was kind enough to share this code for inclusion as a report recipe. This report produces a very functional monthly calendar with navigation controls, conditional color-coding, and drill-down details.

Product Versions

  • Reporting Services 2000

  • Reporting Services 2005

  • Reporting Services 2008

What You'll Need

  • A functional knowledge of database programming objects and TSQL query design

  • An understanding of groups used in report design

  • A table or matrix report

  • Conditional expressions

Designing the Report ...

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