Exploring the Step-by-Step Cube

In the last exercise, you used the MDX Query Editor’s metadata pane to interact with the Step-by-Step cube in a very limited manner. In the following exercise, you use the metadata pane to more fully explore the contents of the cube.

The Step-by-Step cube serves as the focal point of the exercises in this book. The exceptions to this are the exercises in Chapter 3, which focus on a greatly simplified version of the Step-by-Step cube.

Use the metadata pane to explore the contents of the Step-by-Step cube

  1. If you have not already done so, open the MDX Query Editor to the MDX Step-by-Step database.

  2. Use the Available Cubes drop-down list to select the Step-by-Step cube.

  3. On the Metadata tab of the metadata pane, expand the ...

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