Chapter 2. Analysis Manager from 500 Feet

Chapter Objectives Estimated time: 1 hour
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to
  • Navigate objects using Analysis Manager.

  • Create a new OLAP database.

  • Use the Dimension Wizard to define a dimension.

  • Use the Cube Wizard to define a cube.

  • Process and browse an OLAP cube.

A few weeks ago, I was driving due south on Interstate 5 in Washington when I saw the moon begin to rise immediately in front of me. Although I know that Seattle is farther north than Nova Scotia, making most celestial objects appear farther south than they might otherwise, I also knew that the moon could not be rising in the south. But I saw it rise, right before my eyes.

The next day I dug out a map and traced the flow of Interstate 5. Sure enough, ...

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