V.1.3. Installing Reporting Services

Use the following steps to install the default instance of SQL Server 2008 with Reporting Services in Native mode. This will result in a server with both SQL Server 2008 and Reporting Services installed.

  1. Launch the SQL Server installation program.

    Insert the DVD you used to originally install SQL Server 2008. If autoplay doesn't launch the program automatically, browse to the root directory and double-click the setup program.

  2. If the SQL Server setup program detects that you don't have the required Microsoft .NET Framework version or an updated Windows Installer version, it will prompt you to install them. Click OK to begin the installation.

    After the installation of the required components completes, the installation of SQL Server continues.

  3. On the SQL Server Installation Center page, click the Installation link.

  4. Select New SQL Server Stand-Alone Installation or Add Features to and Existing Installation.

  5. The Setup Support Rules page appears and runs some basic checks to see whether your system is ready to install SQL Server. If actions are needed (such as a reboot), follow the onscreen instructions. Click OK after the checks are complete.

  6. The Setup Support Files page appears. Click Install.

    This will take some time as several support files are installed before the actual installation of SQL Server.

  7. The Setup Support Rules page appears again and runs some more advanced checks. After the checks complete, review the information and click Next.

  8. On the Product ...

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