Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 Reporting Services Unleashed

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Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 Reporting Services Unleashed

Michael Lisin

Jim Joseph

Amit Goyal

The authoritative, example-rich guide to Microsoft’s powerful reporting platform

With Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services you can quickly deliver relevant business intelligence data wherever it’s needed–across the entire enterprise, and through the entire reporting lifecycle. SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Unleashed gives you all the authoritative information you’ll need to make the most of Microsoft’s most powerful reporting platform as a database professional, manager, or user. In-depth coverage makes this book an ideal reference, and its extensive set of practical examples help you address virtually any challenge in deployment, configuration, administration, or report building.

The authors have extensively expanded this edition with deeper reference information, many more practical examples, and insider perspective into Reporting Services 2008’s powerful new enhancements. You’ll discover how to take full advantage of Reporting Services’ significant architectural changes, its flexible new Tablix control, improved visualization through charts and gauges, deep SharePoint integration through SharePoint Integrated Mode, new output presentation formats, and much more.

Understand how to

  • Learn about the new features of Service Pack 1 (SP1) and the SQL Server 2008 R2 release

  • Quickly take advantage of Microsoft’s newest SQL Server Reporting Services enhancements

  • Use Reporting Services to identify trends and solve real business problems

  • Master report authoring–from basic, wizard-driven techniques to the cutting edge

  • Group, sort, and aggregate data, and define the right scope for your information

  • Utilize advanced report formatting techniques

  • Work effectively with multidimensional sources

  • Manage report data sources and models

  • Secure reports against attacks and intrusions

  • Customize Reporting Services with embedded functions, custom assemblies, URL access, Web Services, and other extensions

  • Thoroughly integrate SQL Server reporting into any SharePoint site

Michael Lisin, lead author of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, has years of field experience working with SQL Server Reporting Services at Microsoft and delivering solutions for Microsoft’s enterprise customers.

Jim Joseph, co-author of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Unleashed, is an independent contractor with 10 years experience developing custom software solutions in a variety of industries. He has worked with SQL Server Reporting Services since the first beta release.

Amit Goyal, lead program manager for Microsoft’s Reporting Services team, has extensive insider’s knowledge of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.


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Category: Microsoft Databases

Covers: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

User Level: Intermediate—Advanced

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedications
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Authors
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. We Want to Hear from You!
  9. Reader Services
  10. Introduction
  11. Part I. Introduction to Reporting Services
    1. Chapter 1. Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
    2. Chapter 2. Reporting Services 2008 Architecture
    3. Chapter 3. Getting Started with Reporting Services Tools
    4. Chapter 4. What’s New in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008
    5. Chapter 5. Reporting Services Deployment Scenarios
    6. Chapter 6. Installing Reporting Services
  12. Part II. Report Authoring from Basic to Advanced
    1. Chapter 7. Report Server Project Wizard
    2. Chapter 8. Report Designer(s)
    3. Chapter 9. Report Definition Language
    4. Chapter 10. Expressions
    5. Chapter 11. Accessing Data
    6. Chapter 12. Report Parameters
    7. Chapter 13. Working with Report Items
    8. Chapter 14. Grouping, Sorting, Aggregating Data, and Working with Scope
    9. Chapter 15. Advanced Report Formatting
    10. Chapter 16. Report Navigation
    11. Chapter 17. Working with Multidimensional Data Sources
    12. Chapter 18. Ad Hoc Reporting
  13. Part III. Reporting Services Management
    1. Chapter 19. Managing Reports, Data Sources, and Models
    2. Chapter 20. Securing Report Server Items
    3. Chapter 21. Report Execution and Processing
    4. Chapter 22. Subscribing to Reports
    5. Chapter 23. SSRS Administration
    6. Chapter 24. RS Utility
  14. Part IV. Reporting Services Customizations
    1. Chapter 25. Implementing Custom Embedded Functions
    2. Chapter 26. Creating and Calling a Custom Assembly from a Report
    3. Chapter 27. Using URL Access
    4. Chapter 28. Using Reporting Services Web Services
    5. Chapter 29. Extending Reporting Services
  15. Part V. SharePoint Integration
    1. Chapter 30. Reporting Services Integration with SharePoint
    2. Chapter 31. SSRS 2008 SharePoint Integration Architecture
    3. Chapter 32. Installation of Reporting Services Integrated with SharePoint
    4. Chapter 33. SharePoint Mode Administration
    5. Chapter 34. Tools Support for SSRS Integrated with SharePoint
    6. Chapter 35. Viewing Reports in SharePoint
    7. Chapter 36. Managing Reports in SharePoint
    8. Chapter 37. Ad Hoc Reporting in SharePoint
  16. Part VI. Appendixes
    1. Appendix A. References and Additional Reading
    2. Appendix B. Glossary
    3. Appendix C. Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information
    4. Appendix D. What’s New in SQL Server SP1?
    5. Appendix E. What’s New in SQL Server 2008 R2?
  17. Index

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  • Title: Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 Reporting Services Unleashed
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2009
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9780672330261