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Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

Book Description

This guide leads the reader through the process of planning a Virtual Machine Manager 2008 infrastructure. The goal of the SCVMM 2008 guide is to help project teams gather information, make decisions, choose options, and complete the tasks required to create and design a successful infrastructure. Fundamental decisions and tasks are included, such as identifying the business and technical requirements for managing virtualization and determining whether to integrate Virtual Machine Manager 2008 with Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager 2007, along with how to design that integration. Also, you can use this guide to determine the number of Virtual Machine Manager servers the organization requires, including each server’s size, placement, and connectivity. Explore new features like support for Microsoft Hyper-V™ on Windows Server® 2008, managing VMware ESX through VMware Virtual Center, and resource calibration and optimization improvements.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. The Planning and Design Series Approach
    1. Document Approach
    2. Who Should Use This Document
  3. Introduction to the Virtual Machine Manager Guide
    1. Assumptions
    2. Feedback
  4. Virtual Machine Manager in Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization
    1. Infrastructure Architecture and Business Architecture
  5. Virtual Machine Manager Design Process
    1. Decisions
    2. Decision Flow
    3. Information Collection
    4. Applicable Scenarios
    5. Out of Scope
  6. Step 1: Define the Project Scope
    1. Task 1: Identify Locations to Manage
    2. Task 2: Assess Each Host Location
    3. Task 3: Determine If Self-Service Provisioning Is a Business Requirement
    4. Task 4: Identify Management Requirements
    5. Decision Summary
    6. Additional Reading
  7. Step 2: Determine Whether to Integrate with Operations Manager for Reporting
    1. Option 1: Yes
    2. Option 2: No
    3. Evaluating the Characteristics
    4. Validating with the Business
    5. Decision Summary
    6. Additional Reading
  8. Step 3: Design Operations Manager Integration
    1. Option 1: Multiple Virtual Machine Manager Instances
      1. Benefits
      2. Challenges
    2. Option 2: Dedicated Management Group for VMM
      1. Benefits
      2. Challenges
    3. Evaluating the Characteristics
    4. Decision Summary
    5. Additional Reading
  9. Step 4: Determine the Number of Virtual Machine Manager Instances Required
    1. Task 1: Determine Required Instances
    2. Decision Summary
    3. Additional Reading
  10. Step 5: Size and Place the Virtual Machine Manager Server, SQL Server-Based Server, Database, and Web Server
    1. Planning Limitations
    2. Task 1: Design the Virtual Machine Manager Server
    3. Task 2: Design the Database Server and Database
    4. Task 3: Design the Web Server
    5. Decision Summary
    6. Additional Reading
  11. Step 6: Size and Place the Library Servers and Libraries
    1. Task 1: Design and Place the Virtual Machine Manager Library Server
    2. Decision 1: Design Fault Tolerance
      1. Option 1: Distributed File System
      2. Option 2: Server Clustering
      3. Evaluating the Characteristics
      4. Validating with the Business
    3. Decision Summary
    4. Additional Reading
  12. Step 7: Design the Network Connections
    1. Task 1: Determine Where Additional Bandwidth Is Required
    2. Task 2: Determine Network Port Requirements
    3. Decision Summary
    4. Additional Reading
  13. Conclusion
    1. Feedback
  14. A: Project Scope Job Aid
  15. B: Operations Manager Integration Job Aid
  16. C: Virtual Machine Manager Instances Job Aid
  17. D: Server Size and Placement Job Aid
  18. E: Library Server Size and Placement Job Aid
  19. F: Network Design Job Aid
  20. Acknowledgments