What's in This Book

From cover to cover, this book is pure C#. It covers the full C# language and hundreds of skills from using visual tools when dropping data adapters into windows to remoting C# objects and classes across process boundaries. Here are a few of the topics we're going to see:

  • The complete C# syntax

  • Creating console applications

  • Abstract classes

  • Sealed classes

  • Boxing and unboxing types

  • Delegates and events

  • Asynchronous I/O

  • Network I/O

  • Stream classes

  • Web streams

  • Serialization

  • Indexers

  • Creating Windows forms

  • Showing/hiding forms

  • Handling events

  • Showing dialog boxes

  • Working with multiple forms

  • Creating Multiple Document Interface (MDI) forms

  • Creating always-on-top forms

  • Creating owned forms

  • Creating Web forms

  • Setting Web control layout

  • Forcing event handling ...

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