Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!

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In this lively, eye-opening, and hands-on book, all you need is a computer and the desire to learn how to program with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. Featuring a full working edition of the software, this fun and highly visual guide walks you through a complete programming project—a desktop weather-reporting application—from start to finish. You’ll get an unintimidating introduction to the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment and learn how to put the lightweight, easy-to-use tools in Visual C# Express to work right away—creating, compiling, testing, and delivering your first, ready-to-use program. You’ll get expert tips, coaching, and visual examples at each step of the way, along with pointers to additional learning resources.

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Table of contents

  1. Microsoft® Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
  2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  3. Introduction
    1. Who Is This Book For?
    2. How This Book Is Organized
    3. Conventions and Features in This Book
      1. Conventions
      2. Other Features
    4. System Requirements
    5. Code Samples
    6. Installing the Code Samples
    7. Using the Code Samples
    8. Uninstalling the Code Samples
    9. Prerelease Software
    10. Technology Updates
    11. Support for This Book
    12. Questions and Comments
  4. About the Author
    1. Patrice Pelland
    2. Dedication
    3. Thanks
  5. 1. Introducing Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005 Express Edition
    1. What Is .NET?
    2. What Is C#?
      1. Is C# an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Language?
    3. What Is Visual C# 2005 Express Edition?
      1. What Kinds of Applications Can You Build with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition?
      2. What Are the Key Features You Need to Know About?
    4. In Summary. . .
  6. 2. Installing Visual C#® 2005 Express Edition
    1. Preparing to Install Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
    2. Installing Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
    3. In Summary...
  7. 3. Creating Your First Application
    1. Two Types of Applications: What’s the Difference?
    2. Getting Started
      1. IDE Components
    3. On to the Projects
      1. Building a Console Application
      2. Getting to Know Solution Explorer
      3. Getting Help: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition Documentation
      4. Coding Your Console Application
      5. Customizing the IDE
      6. Creating a Windows Application
    4. In Summary...
  8. 4. Create Your Own Web Browser in Less Than Five Minutes!
    1. What Is a Project?
    2. What Is the Design Layout?
    3. Putting It All Together
    4. In Summary...
  9. 5. Creating Your First Full Windows Application
    1. Snap and Align Those Controls Using Snap Lines
    2. Using IntelliSense—Your New Best Friend!
      1. IntelliSense and Ctrl+Spacebar
      2. IntelliSense and Period/Left Parenthesis
      3. IntelliSense Filtering: Pre-Selecting the "Most Recently Used"
      4. IntelliSense Code Snippets: The Time Saver
      5. How to Invoke Code Snippets
      6. IntelliSense Auto-Using Statements
    3. Renaming and Refactoring
      1. What Can You Rename?
      2. How and Where to Use the Rename Feature
      3. Refactoring–Extract Method
    4. Common Windows Controls
    5. What Happens When an Event Is Triggered?
    6. In Summary. . .
  10. 6. Modify Your Web Browser Now!
    1. How to Bring Up Your Application
    2. Interacting Through Dialog Boxes
      1. Adding an About Box Dialog
      2. Adding a Navigate Dialog Box
    3. A Professional Look and Feel at Your Fingertips
      1. Adding a Tool Strip Container and Some Tools
      2. Adding a Status Bar to Your Browser
      3. Personalize Your Application with Windows Icons
    4. In Summary...
  11. 7. Fixing the Broken Blocks
    1. Debugging an Application
      1. Using a DLL in an Application
      2. Adding a Reference to Your Application
      3. Breakpoints, Locals, Edit and Continue, and Visualizers
    2. In Summary...
  12. 8. Managing the Data
    1. What Is a Database?
      1. What’s In a Database?
      2. Data Normalization and Data Integrity
      3. What Is Null?
      4. What Are Primary Keys and Foreign Keys?
        1. Primary Key
        2. Foreign Key
      5. How Do You Interact with a Relational Database?
    2. SQL Server 2005 Express in Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
      1. Creating a Database Using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
      2. Creating Tables in Your Database
      3. Creating Relationships Between the Tables
      4. Entering Data in SQL Server Tables Using Visual Studio
    3. What Are ADO.NET and Databinding?
      1. The Car Tracker Application Development
      2. Component Tray
      3. How Do I Get More Meaningful Information on My Form?
    4. In Summary...
  13. 9. Build Your Own Weather Tracker Application Now!
    1. Features of the Weather Tracker Application
      1. The High-Level Plan
    2. Creating the Application User Interface
      1. Adding Notification Area Capabilities
      2. Adding the Splash Screen and About Dialog Box
      3. Adding the Options Dialog Box
    3. Using Web Services
      1. User Settings
      2. Working in the Background
      3. Completing the Core Weather Tracker Functionality
      4. Testing Weather Tracker
      5. Working with the Options Dialog Box
      6. Testing Weather Tracker
    4. And Now, Just ClickOnce!
    5. In Summary...
  14. Glossary
  15. Index
  16. About the Author
  17. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2005
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735622296