Chapter 9. Building Data-Driven User Interfaces

After completing this chapter, you will be able to

  • Create a data set.

  • Configure an existing table adapter.

  • Create a new table adapter.

  • Create a parameterized SQL SELECT query.

  • Create a grid view to display rows of data.

  • Create a parameterized SQL UPDATE query.

  • Configure a grid view to edit rows of data.

  • Create a data source.

  • Create a DetailsView data control to add new rows of data.

In the preceding chapter, you learned about databases and Structured Query Language (SQL). In this chapter, you create an interface in the personal portal to manage the todos in the ToDo database you created. Figure 9-1 shows the ToDo database in Visual Web Developer Data Explorer.

Figure 9-1. ToDo database.

Visual Web Developer ...

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