Painting and Drawing Function Descriptions

Table 15.2 summarizes the functions used in painting and drawing. A detailed description of each function follows the table.

Table 15.2. Painting and Drawing Function Summary
Function Purpose
AbortPath Closes and discards the current path.
AngleArc Draws a line segment and an arc.
Arc Draws an arc.
ArcTo Draws an arc. The current position is moved to the end of the arc.
BeginPaint Prepares for painting by allocating a device context and returning painting information.
BeginPath Starts a path bracket.
Chord Draws a chord.
CloseFigure Closes an open figure in a path.
CombineRgn Combines two regions, creating a third region.
CopyRect Copies one rectangle to another.
CreateBrushIndirect Creates a brush given ...

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