Microsoft Windows Vista Simplified

Book description

An ideal resource for newcomers to Windows 7 who prefer to learn by being shown rather than told

Windows 7 is the operating system used by most desktop and laptop PCs around the world. If you are a visual learner who is eager to learn Windows 7-but is also perhaps, intimidated-then this is the ideal resource for you.

Experienced author Paul McFedries offers visual learners a friendly and comfortable learning environment for getting familiar with Windows 7. He offers a visual approach to discovering the new features of Windows 7 and provides step-by-step instructions for performing basic tasks and tackling common troubleshooting issues. You'll learn 7 basics, as well as how to work with files, browse the Web, and e-mail.

  • Visual learners will embrace this approach of being shown-rather than told-how to work with the new Windows 7

  • Step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to create movies, work with files, browse the Web, e-mail, and use the new interface, Media Player, and Internet Explorer

  • With the visual assistance offered in this book, you'll be up and running with Windows 7 in no time!

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Praise for Visual Books
  5. Credits
  6. About the Author
  7. Author's Acknowledgments
  8. Contents
  9. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Windows Vista
    1. Start Windows Vista
    2. What You Can Do with Windows Vista
    3. The Windows Vista Screen
    4. Using a Mouse with Windows Vista
    5. Get Help
    6. Activate Your Copy of Windows Vista
    7. Restart Windows Vista
    8. Shut Down Windows Vista
  10. Chapter 2: Launching and Working with Programs
    1. Install a Program
    2. Change or Repair a Program Installation
    3. Start a Program
    4. Understanding Program Windows
    5. Using Pull-Down Menus
    6. Using Toolbars
    7. Understanding Dialog Box Controls
    8. Using Dialog Boxes
    9. Work with Program Windows
    10. Using Scrollbars
    11. Switch Between Programs
    12. Uninstall a Program
  11. Chapter 3: Creating and Editing Documents
    1. Understanding Documents
    2. Create a Document
    3. Save a Document
    4. Open a Document
    5. Edit Document Text
    6. Change the Text Font
    7. Find Text
    8. Replace Text
    9. Print a Document
  12. Chapter 4: Working with Images
    1. Open the Pictures Folder
    2. Preview an Image
    3. View Your Images
    4. Scan an Image
    5. Import Images from a Digital Camera
    6. Repair a Digital Image
    7. Print an Image
  13. Chapter 5: Playing Music and Other Media
    1. Open and Close Windows Media Player
    2. Navigate the Media Player Window
    3. Using the Library
    4. Play an Audio or a Video File
    5. Adjust the Volume
    6. Play a Music CD
    7. Copy Tracks from a Music CD
    8. Create a Playlist
    9. Burn Music Files to a CD
    10. Play a DVD
    11. Navigate a DVD
  14. Chapter 6: Working with Files
    1. View Your Files
    2. Select a File
    3. Change the File View
    4. Preview a File
    5. Copy a File
    6. Move a File
    7. Copy Files to a CD or DVD
    8. Rename a File
    9. Create a New File
    10. Delete a File
    11. Restore a Deleted File
    12. Search for a File
    13. Extract Files from a Compressed Folder
  15. Chapter 7: Sharing Your Computer with Others
    1. Display User Accounts
    2. Create a User Account
    3. Switch Between Accounts
    4. Change a User's Name
    5. Protect an Account with a Password
    6. Delete an Account
    7. Set Up Parental Controls
  16. Chapter 8: Surfing the World Wide Web
    1. Understanding the World Wide Web
    2. Start Internet Explorer
    3. Navigate Internet Explorer
    4. Select a Link
    5. Enter a Web Page Address
    6. Open a Web Page in a Tab
    7. Navigate Web Pages
    8. Change Your Home Page
    9. Save Favorite Web Pages
    10. Search for Sites
  17. Chapter 9: Sending and Receiving E-mail
    1. Start Windows Mail
    2. Navigate Windows Mail
    3. Send an E-mail Message
    4. Add Someone to Your Contacts
    5. Select a Contact Address
    6. Add a File Attachment
    7. Add a Signature
    8. Receive and Read E-mail Messages
    9. Reply to a Message
    10. Forward a Message
    11. Open and Save an Attachment
  18. Chapter 10: Tracking Appointments and Tasks
    1. Start Windows Calendar
    2. Navigate Windows Calendar
    3. Display a Different Date
    4. Create an Appointment
    5. Create a Task
  19. Chapter 11: Customizing Windows Vista
    1. Open the Personalization Window
    2. Change the Desktop Background
    3. Set the Screen Saver
    4. Change the Windows Vista Color Scheme
    5. Save a Custom Desktop Theme
    6. Customize the Start Menu
    7. Customize the Taskbar
  20. Chapter 12: Maintaining Windows Vista
    1. Check Hard Drive Free Space
    2. Delete Unnecessary Files
    3. Defragment Your Hard Drive on a Schedule
    4. Check Your Hard Drive for Errors
    5. Back Up Files
    6. Restore Backed-up Files
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Windows Vista Simplified
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2007
  • Publisher(s): Visual
  • ISBN: 9780470045756