If the problem is an item in SYSTEM.INI or WIN.INI, display the appropriate
tab, highlight the problem item, and then click Disable.
Another way to edit SYSTEM.INI or WIN.INI is by using the System Configuration Editor. To load
this program, select Start, Run, type sysedit in the Run dialog box, and then click OK.
If the problem is a system service, you can disable the service. In Control
Panel, open Administrative Tools and then Services. Double-click the problem-
atic service to open its property sheet. In the Startup Type list, select Disabled
and then click OK.
If the problem is a Startup item, either delete the item from the Startup group
or delete the item from the appropriate
Run key in the Registry. If the item is a
program, consider uninstalling or reinstalling the program.
What to Do If Windows XP Still Won’t Start
If Windows XP won’t start no matter what you try, you’re not out of luck just yet. You
still have another couple of things to try:
System Restore This feature enables you to restore your system to a
previous (and, presumably, operational) setup. To learn
how to use System Restore, see the section in Chapter
13 titled “Recovering Using System Restore.”
Automated System Recovery This feature (which is available only with Windows XP
Professional) enables you to boot to a floppy disk and
then restore your entire system from a backup copy. For
the details, see the section in Chapter 13 titled
“Recovering Using Automated System Recovery.”
From Here
Here are some other places in the book where you’ll find information related to startup:
In Chapter 5, see the section titled “Launching Applications and Scripts at Startup.”
In Chapter 6, see the section titled “Requiring Ctrl+Alt+Delete at Startup.”
In Chapter 11, see the section titled “Optimizing Startup.”
In Chapter 13, see the section titled “Booting Using the Last Known Good
From Here 31
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