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Access 2007 security is extremely different than that of its predecessors. For example, Access 2007 security eliminates user-level security. These changes to security have major implications for the applications built by an organization's employees. This Short Cut covers new topics such as using an Access 2007 database in a trusted location, encrypting in Access 2007, and packaging, signing, and distributing an Access 2007 database. It also covers how security works with databases created in other versions of Access. Finally, it covers the process of running unsafe expressions. All of these topics are vital for securing and successfully working with an Access 2007 database.

  • Learn what’s new in Access 2007 security

  • Find out how security applies to databases stored in one of the older file formats

  • Get to know the Trust Center

  • Learn how to package and sign a database

  • Discover how easy it is to place a database in a Trusted Location

  • Explore the new encryption feature in Access 2007

  • Table of Contents

  • Why This Short Cut Is Important

  • What's New in Access 2007 Security?

  • What Happened to User-Level Security?

  • Trusting a Database

  • Using a Database Password to Encrypt an Office Access 2007 Database

  • Packaging, Signing, and Distributing an Access Database

  • Using the Trust Center

  • Understanding How Databases Behave When Trusted and Untrusted

  • Working in Sandbox Mode

  • Removing User-Level Security

  • Enabling or Disabling ActiveX Controls

  • Enabling or Disabling Add-ins

  • Adding a Trusted Publisher

  • Practice Examples: Securing an Access 2007 Database

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