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As the foundation of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Strategy, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services provides users with faster access to data and even more tools for managing and analyzing data across multidimensional objects (databases, dimensions, cubes).

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Unleashed is the ultimate guide for anyone who is planning to use the latest version of Analysis Services. It gives readers insight into the way Analysis Services functions, and explains practical methods for designing and creating multidimensional objects. It also provides valuable insight into the reasons behind the design decisions taken by the product development team. The authors have been involved with Analysis Services from its earliest days. They have documented in detail the internal features of Analysis Services 2008, explaining server architecture, main data structures, data processing, and query resolution algorithms.

  • Discover the new functionality introduced in Analysis Services 2008 including MDX enhancements and new DMV (dynamic memory views)

  • Work with the Business Intelligence Development Studio, the new Dimension Editor, and Aggregation Designer interfaces

  • Enjoy complete coverage of new Shared Scalable Databases scale-out infrastructure

  • Learn the key concepts of multidimensional modeling

  • Explore the multidimensional object model and its definition language

  • Integrate multidimensional and relational databases

  • Build client applications to access data in Analysis Services

  • Unravel the inner workings of the server architecture, including main data structures, data processing, and query resolution algorithms

  • Learn the main concepts of the MDX language and gain an in-depth understanding of advanced MDX concepts

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the internal and external protocols for data transfer, including the XML/A protocol

  • Discover how Analysis Services manages memory

  • Explore the security model, including role-based security, code-access security, and data security

Category: Microsoft SQL Server

Covers: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

User Level: Intermediate-Advanced

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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copywrite Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. About the Authors
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Dedication
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Introduction
  12. Part I Introduction to Analysis Services
    1. Chapter 1 Introduction to OLAP and Its Role in Business Intelligence
    2. Chapter 2 Multidimensional Space
    3. Chapter 3 Client/Server Architecture and Multidimensional Databases: An Overview
  13. Part II Creating Multidimensional Models
    1. Chapter 4 Conceptual Data Model
    2. Chapter 5 Dimensions in the Conceptual Model
    3. Chapter 6 Cubes and Multidimensional Analysis
    4. Chapter 7 Measures and Multidimensional Analysis
    5. Chapter 8 Advanced Modeling
    6. Chapter 9 Multidimensional Models and Business Intelligence Development Studio
  14. Part III Using MDX to Analyze Data
    1. Chapter 10 MDX Concepts
    2. Chapter 11 Advanced MDX
    3. Chapter 12 Cube-Based MDX Calculations
    4. Chapter 13 Dimension-Based MDX Calculations
    5. Chapter 14 Extending MDX with Stored Procedures
    6. Chapter 15 Key Performance Indicators, Actions, and the DRILLTHROUGH Statement
    7. Chapter 16 Writing Data into Analysis Services
  15. Part IV Creating a Data Warehouse
    1. Chapter 17 Loading Data from a Relational Database
    2. Chapter 18 DSVs and Object Bindings
    3. Chapter 19 Multidimensional Models and Relational Database Schemas
  16. Part V Bringing Data into Analysis Services
    1. Chapter 20 The Physical Data Model
    2. Chapter 21 Dimension and Partition Processing
    3. Chapter 22 Using SQL Server Integration Services to Load Data
    4. Chapter 23 Aggregation Design and Usage-Based Optimization
    5. Chapter 24 Proactive Caching and Real-Time Updates
    6. Chapter 25 Building Scalable Analysis Services Applications
  17. Part VI Analysis Server Architecture
    1. Chapter 26 Server Architecture and Command Execution
    2. Chapter 27 Memory Management
    3. Chapter 28 Thread Management
    4. Chapter 29 Architecture of Query Execution—Calculating MDX Expressions
    5. Chapter 30 Architecture of Query Execution—Retrieving Data from Storage
  18. Part VII Accessing Data in Analysis Services
    1. Chapter 31 Client/Server Architecture and Data Access
    2. Chapter 32 XML for Analysis
    3. Chapter 33 ADOMD.NET
    4. Chapter 34 Analysis Management Objects
  19. Part VIII Security
    1. Chapter 35 Security Model for Analysis Services
    2. Chapter 36 Securing Dimension Data
    3. Chapter 37 Securing Cell Values
  20. Part IX Management
    1. Chapter 38 Using Trace to Monitor and Audit Analysis Services
    2. Chapter 39 Backup and Restore Operations
    3. Chapter 40 Deployment Strategies
    4. Chapter 41 Resource Monitoring
  21. Index

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  • Release date: December 2008
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