Newborn Resuscitation

Resuscitation is a process that helps a newborn to establish respiration, circulation and thermoregulation in case the newborn fails to establish because of various physiological or pathological conditions.

  1. Ensuring patent airway.
  2. Initiating breathing.
  3. Helping in maintaining proper blood circulation.
  4. Maintaining thermoregulation.

Equipment for Thermoregulation

  1. Radiant warmer and/or warm blanket
  2. Stethoscope
  3. Clothing of baby
  4. Sterile towel for mopping baby

Equipment for Suction

  1. Bulb syringe
  2. Mechanical suction apparatus
  3. Suction catheter (5 or 6 fr, 8 fr, 10 fr)
  4. Meconium aspirator
  5. Kidney tray

Equipment for Ventilation

  1. Neonatal resuscitation bags (240, 450 and 750 ml) with a pressure-release ...

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