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Migrating from Drupal to Backdrop

Book Description

Migrate an existing Drupal 6 or 7 website to Backdrop and discover why you should consider using Backdrop when building a new website. You'll learn what Backdrop is, how to install and configure Backdrop, and create and manage content. Migrating from Drupal to Backdrop focuses on the user who is responsible for building, maintaining, and managing an organization's website and who is interested in Backdrop’s ability to meet their site’s requirements.

There is a major shift in the open source CMS market and Backdrop is emerging as a significant force. The Drupal team's decision to rebuild Drupal 8 on Symfony has many developers and organizations in a quandary – do you learn a whole new framework and undertake the effort of migrating to Drupal 8, stay on Drupal 7 which will at some point be officially unsupported, or adopt Backdrop as their go-forward strategic platform? There is also a large mid-market that may not have the ability to scale up with the skills required to support Drupal 8 (Symfony), making Backdrop a viable and attractive alternative.

By reading this book, you will:

  • Understand why you should use Backdrop and the power of the platform
  • Quickly build confidence in your ability to use Backdrop
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to build, deploy, and manage web sites of moderate complexity on Backdrop
  • Understand the process for migrating a Drupal 6 or 7 site to Backdrop
  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Contents
    7. About the Author
    8. About the Technical Reviewer
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. Introduction
    11. Chapter 1: Introduction to Backdrop
      1. The Backdrop Organization’s Goals
        1. Affordability
        2. Core Principles
      2. Key Differences Between Drupal and Backdrop
      3. Migrating a Drupal Site to Backdrop
      4. Summary
    12. Chapter 2: Installing Backdrop
      1. System Requirements
      2. Downloading Backdrop
      3. Installing Backdrop
        1. Creating the Database
        2. Setting File Permissions
      4. Running the Backdrop Installer
      5. File and Directory Structure Differences
      6. Summary
    13. Chapter 3: Editorial and Administration Interface Differences
      1. Administrator’s Menu Bar
      2. Content
      3. User Accounts
      4. Themes
      5. Modules
      6. Content Types
      7. Blocks
      8. Menus
      9. Taxonomy
      11. Configuration
      12. Reports
      13. Summary
    14. Chapter 4: Backdrop Modules and Themes
      1. Locating Backdrop Contributed Modules
      2. Downloading Backdrop Modules and Themes
      3. Summary
    15. Chapter 5: Converting Modules to Backdrop
      1. Converting the Honeypot Module
        1. Cloning the Drupal 7 Version of the Module
        2. Updating the Module’s .info File
        3. Organizing the Module’s Files
        4. Renaming the APIs and Functions
      2. Configuration Management in Backdrop
        1. Configuration Management APIs
        2. Changing the Module’s Admin Interface
        3. Creating the Submit Handler
        4. Creating a Default Settings File
        5. Registering the Configuration Options
      3. Drupal Compatibility Mode
      4. Contributing Your Module to Backdrop
      5. Summary
    16. Chapter 6: Porting Drupal Themes
      1. Downloading the Drupal Theme
      2. Converting the .info File
      3. Converting Other Theme Files
      4. Removing page.tpl.php
      5. Modifying node.tpl.php
      6. Enabling the Ported Theme
      7. Summary
    17. Chapter 7: Creating Layouts
      1. Default Layouts
      2. Creating Custom Layouts
      3. Installing Other Layouts
      4. Creating a Custom Layout Template
        1. Creating the Layout’s .info File
        2. Creating the Layout’s .tpl.php File
        3. Creating the Layout’s .css File
      5. Changing Layouts
      6. Summary
    18. Chapter 8: Migrating to Backdrop
      1. Evaluating Your Drupal Site
      2. Preparing Your Drupal Site for the Upgrade
        1. Upgrade Your Drupal 7 Site to the Latest Version
        2. Update All Your Contributed Modules to the Latest Version
        3. Disable and Uninstall Core Modules That Have Been Removed
        4. Install the Token Module
        5. Change Your Theme
        6. Back Up and Prepare for the Migration
      3. Migrating Your Site to Backdrop
      4. Next Steps
      5. Porting Other CMSs and Drupal Versions
      6. Summary
    19. Chapter 9: Migrating to Backdrop from Drupal 6
      1. Evaluating Your Drupal 6 Site
      2. Preparing for the Migration to Drupal 7
      3. Upgrading Contributed Modules
      4. Migrating the Drupal 6 Site to Drupal 7
      5. Summary
    20. Appendix A: Contributing to Backdrop
      1. Core GitHub Workflow
      2. Contributing to Backdrop Core
      3. Trouble with Tests?
      4. Making Clean Pull Requests
      5. Contribute to a Module, Layout, or Theme
      6. Contributing to an Existing Project
      7. Courtesy in Contributing Code
      8. Contributed Development Branches
      9. Contributed Releases
    21. Appendix B: Additional Resources
    22. Index