1.  What aspect of protecting your network involves theft of equipment?
A.  Packet filtering
B.  Physical security
C.  Policies
D.  Port filtering
  2.  What is another name for port filtering?
A.  Port blocking
B.  Port filing
C.  Port folders
D.  Port segments
  3.  Where would a DMZ more commonly be found?
A.  On a single PC
B.  On a server
C.  On a SOHO
D.  On a larger network
  4.  Just after opening a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Rowan notices that some of his filenames have changed and that his network connection no longer works. What type of malware has most likely infected his computer?
A.  Worm
B.  Macro
C.  Trojan
D.  Rootkit
  5.  What problem does a rogue access point introduce? ...

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