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Million Dollar Referrals: The Secrets to Building a Perpetual Client List to Generate a Seven-Figure Income

Book Description

Build a million-dollar business out of untapped referrals!

Alan Weiss has taught thousands of people how to put their expertise to work through consulting, speaking, and coaching. Now, in Million Dollar Referrals, he takes it to the next level, giving you the tools to leverage relationships with current clients—and grow your business exponentially. Million Dollar Referrals reveals Alan Weiss’s powerful system for cultivating relationships and generating more business than you ever thought possible. Learn how to:

  • Build sincere, trusting relationships with current and past clients
  • Tailor your referral requests to the personality of the client
  • Identify opportunities to communicate the value of your services
  • Stay in touch throughout the year—with everyone
  • Build a repository of references, testimonials, and other referrals in writing (or on video)

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Million Dollar Referrals
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About The Author
  8. Chapter 1 Business Relationships Are A Process, Not An Event
    1. How To Create Long-Term Clients And Customers
    2. The Characteristics of a Relationship Business
    3. Initial Language and Behaviors to Stimulate Leverage
    4. The Criteria for High-Potential, Long-Term Clients
    5. The 10 Critical Dos and Don’ts
    6. The Best Positioning for You
  9. Chapter 2 The Annuity Factor
    1. I Will Still Love You In The Morning
    2. Creating a Million Dollar Consulting® Accelerant Curve
    3. Adjusting to the Styles of Buyers
    4. Why and When Perceptions of Value Follow Higher Fees
    5. The Client Potential Bell Curve
    6. Allowing the Buyer to Buy (More and More)
  10. Chapter 3 Expanded Business
    1. Why More, Not Less, Is Better For The Client
    2. Why No Good Deed (Project) Should Go Unrewarded (Expanded)
    3. “If You Think This Is Good”: Demonstrating Leverage
    4. Moving Up, Down, Inside, Outside, and All Around
    5. Language Template
    6. When You Hit the Ceiling, and How to Go Through It
  11. Chapter 4 The Platinum Standard
    1. Asking For Referrals Is Doing Three People A Favor
    2. The Mentality of Value, Not Sales
    3. Positioning the Request and Following Up
    4. Priming the Pump (Not Taking No for an Answer)
    5. Approaching the Third Party Irresistibly
    6. How to Reward and Stimulate Referral Sources
  12. Chapter 5 Institutionalizing Your Presence
    1. How Dogs Set The Standard For Being Invited In And Never Leaving
    2. Joining Internal Groups
    3. Providing Extra Value (without Losing Your Shirt)
    4. Creating Lateral Contacts
    5. Sharing Ownership of Intellectual Property
    6. Demonstrating Unique Value (Sole Source Soul)
  13. Interlude My Greatest Referral
  14. Chapter 6 The Cult Of Ceyk (Call Everyone You Know)
    1. Careful Where You Step; You’Re Crushing Referrals
    2. Untapped Referral Sources Around You
    3. Creating “Soft” Referral Requests
    4. Using Social and Civic Mechanisms
    5. Language Template
    6. If and When to Pay Referral Fees
  15. Chapter 7 Referral Ammunition
    1. Assembling Testimonials, Endorsements, And Love Letters
    2. Ask Earlier than You Would Think
    3. Using Technology to Exponentially Improve Impact
    4. Coauthoring, Coproducing, and Cooperating
    5. Language Template
    6. Keeping Current while Showing Consistency
  16. Chapter 8 You Can Go Home Again—Revisiting Past Clients
    1. Hey, Aren’T You . . .?
    2. Maintaining Contacts
    3. Tracking Key People
    4. Creating Communities
    5. Utilizing Past Clients in Current Promotions
  17. Chapter 9 The Diamond Standard
    1. Creating Retainers And Evergreen Clients
    2. Converting to “Access to Your Smarts”
    3. Guilt-Free Relationships when People Rarely Need You
    4. The Picasso Rule: You Know Where to Put the Paint
    5. Price Guidelines for Retainers
    6. Retainers for Life (AKA “the Vault”)
  18. Chapter 10 The Kaleidoscope
    1. The Discipline And Focus For Permanent Referrals
    2. Referrals from Colleagues
    3. Weekly Routines
    4. Providing Referrals for Reciprocity
    5. The Referral Referral (No Kidding)
    6. Referrals while You Sleep
  19. Index
  20. Footnotes
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    2. Chapter 2
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    4. Chapter 4
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    5. Chapter 6
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    6. Chapter 7
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    7. Chapter 10
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